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Don’t Rush

Thoughts Of The Week

“Don’t rush”


Life is busy. Sometimes it feels that there are not enough hours in the day. When you are younger time is often spent getting the things done you want to do. When you are older you time is often spent getting the things done you need to do. The transition between want and need is a difficult one and takes time to adapt too.

We have all been in a position where you reach full capacity, feel like your head is going to burst and can’t take anymore that is thrown at you, things have almost turned into chaos!

Added responsibilities, in life or at work, can add pressure to; tasks that need to be completed, deadlines that need to be met, meetings that need to be attended and bills that have to be paid.

Managing time as efficiently as possible can help alleviate certain stressors. One very effective way of doing this is to become as organised as possible.

“One more job that can be taken care of today is one less job that has to be taken care of tomorrow”

Allocating tasks into different categories can instantly give you clarity and a better view of the bigger picture. These can then be further subcategorised then allocated priority by due date, urgency and/or importance.

This can be done as simply as:

  • Making a list on a piece of paper
  • Creating different folders in a notes app then synchronising these with an interactive calendar
  • Using software like trello to get really specifc

Ultimately everyone wants to enjoy life. We want to waste as little time as possible and enjoy all the things we do, work and play!

If you feel like you are merely existing in the moment and not really part of the ones that make up your day then stop. Take some time for yourself, reset, get organised and don’t rush – life’s too short to not to enjoy every moment…

Exercise of the week

Development | Strength | Squat | Level 1 | Stages A to E | Progressions
  • Squat | Hands in front squat (A)
  • Squat | Hands across shoulders (B)
  • Squat | Hands behind head  (C )
  • Squat | Hands overhead squat (D)
  • Squat | Plate (E1)
  • Squat | Goblet (E2)
  • Squat | Dumbbell | Fingers Interlocked Hang (E3)
  • Squat | Dumbbells (E4)

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Recipe of the week

Baked white fish w. sweet potato & charred asparagus


  • Peel & cube sweet potato, evenly spreading out on baking tray
  • Drizzle with olive oil, ginger powder, garlic powder & chill powder, baking for 30mins, turning halfway
  • Place white fish fillets in foil parcels, adding olive oil, squeeze of fresh lemon juice, garlic clove & optional red pepper flakes
  • Place a slice of lemon on top of each, seal & bake in oven for 20mins
  • Slice asparagus stalks in half & boil for 5mins
  • Combine & serve

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Training song of the week

Shine Like The Sun (Nu:Logic Remix) – Thomas Oliver

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 22.00.42