Extreme Sports Performance | Don’t Assume
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Don’t Assume

Thoughts of the week

“Don’t assume”


Assumption is defined as ‘a thing that is accepted as true or certain to happen, without proof’ and also ‘the action of taking on power or responsibility.’

Everyone assumes different things daily. Some important, some less important, some conciously, some subconsciously, some work specific, some life specific!

This process can have different outcomes. Some assumptions have positive results, some have more negative results. The more you are in similar situations, the more frequently you are exposed to the same environments, the more often you are faced with he same challenges the easier things become.

“Experience creates expertise”

You may need to be exposed to a greater number of scenarios before you begin to recognise patterns or aspects that are previously familiar.

The best athletes we have worked with have all had similar traits. They know what they need to do, when they need to do it, how to adapt, when to push and when to back off. It’s almost like they are operating in slow motion.

These world class performers have repeated the same process over and over. They’ve written their own recipe for success. They rarely ask for help and are extremely considerate of all those around them.

Masters of their crafts miss out no details, no matter how small. They just do because they’ve done it so many times before, they never assume…

Exercise of the week

Development | Strength | Single leg | Split squat | Progressions | Level 1 | A to E | Progressions
  • Single leg | Split squat | Hands in front (A)
  • Single leg | Split squat | Hands across shoulders (B)
  • Single leg | Split squat | Hands behind head (C)
  • Single leg | Split squat | Hands overhead (D)
  • Single leg | Split squat | Plate (E1)
  • Single leg | Split squat | Goblet (E2)
  • Single leg | Split squat | Dumbbells (E3)

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Recipe of the week

Turkey laska with chilli egg noodles, red pepper, cucumber & lime


  • In large pan fry curry paste for 1 min & add stock (chicken or veg) bringing to boil
  • Once boiling add sliced turkey breast & cook for 5 mins
  • Add rice noodles & cook for 3 mins
  • Add sliced peppers, beansprouts & any other vegetables, cooking for a further 2 mins
  • Add light coconut milk & squeeze of fresh lime juice, bringing to a simmer
  • Serve in bowl with red chilli, shaved cucumber & slice of lime garnish

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Training song of the week

Life In Letters – Pierce Fulton

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 22.52.52