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Adapt More

Thoughts of the week

“Adapt more”


When was the last time you completed an entire training program? Every warm up exercise, every rep, every set, every rest period, every day, every week, every month!

The truth is this rarely every happens! Even with good intentions something usually gets in the way…injury, illness, work, family, friends, media, ultimately things that steal your time!

So when this does occur what do you do about it…let it happen, shrug your shoulders, hope for the best, blame someone else, not really care?

Or do you…do what you can when you can, ask for help or advice, get up earlier the next day to do it in the morning, go to bed later the next day to fit it in during the evening?

The biggest skill we like to coach our athletes and clients is to be adaptable, to change in order to fit new conditions. Things rarely ever go to the exact plan you started with, especially in the world of elite sport. Being more flexible with time, having the skill to communicate effectively, utilising the ability to change the order of your day, making the right things happen, are all traits of the most successful people we have worked with.

Success in health, sport, work, relationships, ultimately comes down to prioritisation! What is the most import thing for you to do next to get you one step closer to where you want to be?

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us”

You’d be amazed at how many times we’ve witnessed this go wrong. Every now and then things happen beyond your control but when these things add up that’s when they go wrong…you become disorganised, punctuality slips, nigglea or sore sports develop into more serious injuries, you let people who rely on you down, relationships suffer, performances drop, things soon spiral out of control.

The little things done well with high quality over a consistent time period are what add up to positive results.

So if things aren’t quite going your way, or you seem to be more on the back foot than the front, stop and have a little look about what you did yesterday, what you’ve done today and what you need to do tomorrow. Ask yourself if these are needs more than wants? You may not get the perfect balance but you’re sure to get more done with less mistakes if you adapt more…

Exercise of the week

Development | Strength | Brace | Level 1 | A to E | Progressions
  • Brace | Prone | Bridge | Knees (A)
  • Brace | Prone | Bridge | Feet wider than hips (B)
  • Brace | Prone | Bridge | Feet under hips (C)
  • Brace | Prone | Bridge | Arms straight (D)
  • Brace | Lateral | Bridge | Knees (A)
  • Brace | Lateral | Bridge | Scissored feet (B)
  • Brace | Lateral | Bridge | Stacked feet (C)
  • Brace | Supine | Bridge | Glute | Bilateral (A)
  • Brace | Supine | Bridge | Glute | Unilateral (B)
  • Brace | Supine | Bridge | Glute | Marching (C)
  • Brace | Supine | Bridge | Glute | Opposite knee pull (D)

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Recipe of the week

Green lentils with roasted chickpeas, shaved carrot, cabbage slaw, grilled haloumi & charred padron peppers


  • Drain chickpeas (the liquid from the chickpea can be uses it as a vegan egg substitute)
  • Rinse the chickpeas & pat dry
  • Spread the chickpeas evenly on a baking sheet & lightly coat with olive oil plus seasoning (paprika, ginger, cumin, tumeric plus pinch of salt & pepper)
  • Mix vegetable stock into pan of cold water, add lentils & bring to the boil for 10mins, reduce heat to a simmer then cover & continue to cook for 20 mins / until lentils are soft
  • Shred cabbage & mix in a bowl with quark, lemon, cayanne pepper and salt
  • Shave some thin slices of carrot
  • Chop up 0.5cm thick slices of halloumi & grill until soft / surface browns
  • Heat up some olive oil in a pan with a splash of balsamic vinegar then lightly char patron peppers until soft
  • Combine all ingredients together & serve

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Training song of the week

Get better – Morro

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 19.17.45