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Gut Instinct

Thoughts of the week

“Gut instinct”


Ever just knew something was going to happen the first time you though it about it or came across it?

Did you call it or keep quiet?

Has this happened a few times or many?

Since we started coaching in 2008, there have been many occasions where we just knew what the outcome, result or consequence would be of a given situation, task or project. We wouldn’t be able to explain exactly why but it is largely just gut instinct. 

Emotions are almost pre-experience before things happen. Decisions are almost pre-made before they have to be. Moods are set automatically.

Is this luck? Is this intuition? Is this a protective mechanism?

We consider it to be wisdom through experience. The more events we are exposed to, the more people we observe, the more behaviours we witness all seem to add up to allow an almost predictive type of coaching ability.

“It’s usually exactly what you think it is!”

A recent study from Florida state university suggests that “Gut-to-brain signals can influence emotions, mood and decision making, prompting people to avoid situations that make them feel uneasy.”

Weather it’s in life, love, work or sport this concept has has never seemed to let us down. We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of the latest scientific methods in our practices however we are also very open to blending this science with intellect, common sense and art! 

Next time your not sure about something make sure you trusts your gut instinct…

Exercise of the week

Dynamic | Strength | Olympic Lift  | Snatch | From Floor | Split Stance Finish | Weighted Bar

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Recipe of the week

Tomato & spinach boodles w. garlic & lemon prawns


  • Heat olive oil, chopped garlic, fresh lemon juice & chilli flakes in a pan
  • Add fresh or frozen prawns until softly cooked then tip in organic tinned chopped tomatoes
  • Stir & leave to gently simmer on a low heat
  • In another pan gently brown off half a chopped red onion in olive oil
  • Add cherry tomatoes & cook until they almost burst
  • Throw in fresh boodles until they soften
  • Add spinach until it wilts
  • Squeeze the juice of of a whole lemon over the top
  • Stir both pans one last time, take off heat, combine ingredients & serve as in picture. 

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Training song of the week

Hearts ain’t gonna lie (High contrast mix) – Arlissa, Jonas Blue, High Contrast

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 10.01.26