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Train Outside

Thoughts of the week

“Train outside”


With the incredibly hot spell of weather we’ve been having lately in the UK, we have been purposely training outside everyday! It has been so hot that the only times to carry out a strength circuit, go for a run or jump on a bike has been in the early in the morning or late in the evening. Doing yoga in an air conditioned room or swimming in a cool pool have been welcomed anytime of day! As we are approaching week 4 of our outdoor fitness regime, the benefits of doing have become very clear:

  • Connect with the elements – Just being outside feels good. It get’s you out the office or house, runs fresh air through your body gives you a sense of freedom.
  • Stress relief – You give yourself thinking time when outside. There are minimal distractions and you get time solely to yourself.
  • Improve mood – After exercising outside you feel positive and energies for hours later.
  • Fresh air – Your body and mind feel cleansed from fresh oxygen running through your body
  • Everyday is different – There are unlimited options available to you in terms of routes, movements, intensity and direction.
  • No space restrictions – You can do whatever you want during your workout that you may not be able to do in a gym. These could include, for example, hill sprints in-between a trunk workout or long distance shuttles in-between strength circuits.
  • It can be more social – Meet your friends half way round and train together, take your partner with you or drag the dog along. You don’t have to be by yourself all the time.
  • You can make less excuses – It literally is a case of putting on your kit and shutting the door, couldn’t be much easier really.
  • Push yourself harder – Choose a route or workout that you could previously not do and test yourself, who knows you may surprise yourself.
  • It’s free – Do gym ,memberships to pay here, no queues at the machines, just free and open space.
  • Increase vitamin D – We all need more controlled and sensible exposure to sunlight, here’s your chance to top up.
  • Boost your immune system – Your body will gain a protective effect from virus and illness by being outside more.

We’re looking forward to getting back in the gym next week but for now we’re more than happy being out in the mix of things. So if you’re looking to mix up your exercise routine or just fancy a bit of a change then go train outside…

Exercise of the week

Dynamic | Strength | Olympic Lift | Clean | From Floor | Split Stance Finish | Weighted Bar

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Recipe of the week

Mushroom carnitas w. mexican potatoes


  • Clean & slice mushrooms. Place in a heavy bottomed pot & combine with garlic, onion, fresh orange juice, fresh lime juice, adobo paste, cumin, paprika plus a large pinch of chili pepper. Add enough water to pan so the mushrooms are just covered. Bring to a boil then reduce until the mushrooms are soft & most of the liquid has been absorbed for approx. 30 mins. Make sure to stir occasionally.
  • Peel then cube a large sweet potato then cute a large red pepper. Place on baking tray then drizzle with olive oil, seasoning with cumin, paprika, red chilli flakes & salt. Roast in oven on a medium-high for approx. 20 mins until soft.
  • Thinly chop red cabbage & combine with quark, jalapeño brine, garlic powder, tabasco, lemon & ground black pepper.
  • For guacamole mix smashed avocado together with fresh lime juice, seasoning to taste.
  • Combine & serve ingredients on top of mini tortilla of choice, garnishing with sliced red chili, low fat organic cheese & a wedge of lime.

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Training song of the week

Spread love (Paddington) [feat. DVNO] – Boston Bun, DVNO

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