Extreme Sports Performance | Processing Pain
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Processing Pain

Thoughts of the week

“Processing pain”


Pain has many different definitions:

  • Highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury
  • An annoying or tedious person or thing
  • Mental suffering or distreress
  • Great care or trouble

What is pain? It is a protective mechanism in the form of a neural signal to inform you something is not right. Harmful stimuli picked up from special endings of peripheral nerve fibres alert the body of any type of threat. Specialised nerve endings (nociceptors) relay pain messages via electrical impulses through the spinal cord. The brain interprets these, triggering responses / chemicals accordingly. Sensitivity to pain cane influenced by many factors such as; past experiences, physcological / social factors, long-term health problems, sex and genetics. Acute pain is short term, chronic pain is long term.

Tips to help manage pain:

  • Seeking medical advice from an appropriately qualified practitioner.
  • Change the position of tier body regularly.
  • Gentle exercise such as walking if possible.
  • Increasing suppleness through corrective activities such as yoga
  • Sports therapy such as specific massage or hydrotherapy
  • Breathing techniques to maximise efficiency of circulation.
  • Sleeping as well as possible, as often as possible.
  • Reducing stress reduction through relaxation methods and meditation
  • Visualisation techniques of activities you want to be able to do.
  • Not smoking and reaching alcohol intake.
  • Tracking symptoms and keeping a log of how your body feels on a daily basis.
  • Distractions such as enjoyable social activities with friends and family.
  • Talking about it with people experiencing similar things to yourself, sharing thoughts and feelings.

Doing nothing about pain will rarely improve it. Taking action and changing your lifestyle accordingly will!

Exercise of the week

Dynamic | Preparation | Sequence | Potentiate | Jump, hop, skip & bound chain

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Recipe of the week

Veggie Curry


  • Roughly chop red onion, garlic, ginger, cauliflower & butternut squash. Add to a large pan with a generous splash of olive oil, cooking on a hot heat until slightly browned.
  • Add red curry paste & a smash of cold water ensuring all the veg is covered, cooking for a further minute
  • Add light coconut milk & 100 ml of vegetable stock. Bring to pan a simmer and cook for 15 min. 
  • Add broccoli & chickpeas, cooking for an additional 10 mins. 
  • Finally take off the heat, add in spinach leaves, fresh lime juice& a splash of fish sauce. 
  • Serve as in picture, adding chilli sauce to suit taste.

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Training song of the week

Love has come around – Icarus

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