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Read Often

Thoughts of the week

“Read Often”


When was the last time you read something? An hour ago? A day ago? A week ago? A MONTH ago?

What was it you read? A proper book? A magazine? A newspaper? A journal?

We love to learn new things, gain new knowledge, have new insight, develop what we already know to ultimately make us better at what we do! Many of the high performing individuals we work with read over 4-5 books per month which works out to around 50 per year! That’s a lot of new information!

Reading also has many other benefits that you may not have realised:

  • Develops vocabulary
    • Regular exposure to alternative words and grammar subconsciously improves your mental library 
  • Improves concentration
    • Being able to focus on what you’re doing when reading can easily cross over and apply to sport, business and life
  • Enhances empathy
    • The emotional effect of reading could rub off on you depending on what is in front of you
  • Betters memory
    • Short and long term memory may benefit from exposure to new information 
  • Aids sleep
    • Unlike TV’s, laptops, tablets or phones reading doesn’t give out any blue light so getting stuck into a book before bed could actually help you rest better 
  • Stress relief
    • External problems, tasks and demands are paused when you are reading. It has been shown to reduce muscle tension helping you relax more
  • Educational value
    • New information is free learning. The more you read the more you will end up knowing!
  • Mental stumualtion
    • Your mind is kept busy when you read, this is very important for maintaining brain health as you age
  • Avoid illness
    • Mood and general well-being can be improved by reading helping to reduce potential mental health issues such as depression and anxiety

So what are you waiting for, go pick up a book and get stuck in, you never know what it could lead to…

Exercise of the week

Dynamic | Strength | Single Leg | Step Up | Banded | A to C | Progressions
  • Barbell on back
  • Barbell in catch position
  • Barbell on back | Jumping

Find out more about this program here

Recipe of the week

Sweet potato w. charred corn, black beans & bbq quorn slices


  • Scrub the sweet potatoes then bake in medium-high heated oven for approx. 45 mins. Reomove when soft all round.
  • Drain & rinse 1 can of organic black beans. Add to a pan with ground black pepper, a splash of olive oil & dollop of crushed garlic. Cook until beans start to bubble.
  • Smash 2 ripe avocados in a bowl then chopped chilli, diced cherry tomatoes, lime & sea salt.
  • Roughly chop & shred some cabbage. In a large mixing bowl mix together with quark, apple cider vinegar, chill sauce & fresh lime juice. 
  • Heat quorn slices in a dry frying pan, add bbq fajita seasoning to flavour. Add a can of drained sweetcorn to the same pan and cook until it starts to char / brown.
  • Remove sweet potatoes from oven. Slice to pop open, adding a small chunk of butter on top to melt in. 
  • Pile on as many toppings as you want in any order & serve as in picture.

Find out more about our nutrition plans here

Training song of the week

She taught me how to fly (Justin Robertson’s headstock 33s remix) – Noel Gallagher’s high flying birds

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 14.40.54