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Self Talk

Thoughts of the week

“Self Talk”


We all experience parts of our day where we act or practice speaking to ourselves, either positively or negatively. The situation, the environment, the circumstance, the time can all effect the intensity or intention of what we say. Negative self-talk, the devil on your shoulder, can be looked at as a type of inner critic. It may feel stressful, pessimistic, debilitating and that your confidence has taken a hit. This could be for a number of reasons; someone has made feel this way, you haven’t performed to an acceptable level, expected standards haven’t been reached or something went terribly wrong. Whatever the reason an overwhelming feeling of blame is bought upon you.

If this is not given immediate attention it can have detrimental effects later – none are which are useful in sport, business or general life:

  • Motivation – This is greatly reduced and it is very easier to become more insular and less effective at what you should be doing
  • Confidence – Is very closely linked with the above and self-esteem will suffer as a direct result
  • Relationships – These could become tarnished is your mood changes or unintentionally react to a situation in a way you wouldn’t normally
  • Illness – High amounts of negatively could spiral out of control running you down and even lead to depressive feelings 

How to limit the negative side of self-talk:

  • Think and act as optimistically as possible
  • Stop negative thoughts before they even start by replacing them with a positive one
  • Speak up and verbalise things to your self or someone else which may reflect or emphasise the true meaning of what you’re thinking
  • Look at things from multiple points of view to see if you can re-evaluate where you’re coming from
  • What would a friend, close colleague or team-mate say? Try and imagine words of support that someone you trust and value 
  • Neutralise negativity by re-phrasing certain thoughts such as “I can’t…I don’t…I’ won’t” with the oppositive positive
  • Share your feelings with others to hear what they think and what they say
  • Have faith that even through the present is negative, the future has full potential to be positive, but that all depends on how you deal with now.

It’s easy to get caught up in it. Especially when you are often in a high performance environment. All of the most successful clients we work with have a fantastic ability to manage this internally and solve it quickly. This takes practice and patience but is a key skill to develop and improve over time…

Exercise of the week

Dynamic | Strength | Single Leg | Squat | Banded | A to B | Progressions
  • Around shoulders
  • Barbell on back

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Recipe of the week

Healthy chicken caesar salad


  • Peel, rinse and dry a large lettuce (we used of combination of iceberg and romaine). Place in a salad bowl then add a handful or organic croutons and quarter cherry tomatoes
  • In a separate bowl add grated lemon zest, grated parmesan, finely sliced anchovies, a dollop of english mustard, splash of olive oil, 4 tablespoons of natural yoghurt, splash of Worcestershire sauce, fresh lemon juice, a few drips of white wine vinegar & delicately chopped red onion. Stir together well, combining all ingredients to a well mixed dressing then place in fridge to cool.
  • Rough chop up 2 chicken breasts, heat some olive oil in a pan, then add chicken with sea salt, ground black pepper, a sprinkle of paprika & some dried chilli flakes. Cook until soft in middle & brown on outside. Take off heat to rest & cool slightly. 
  • Remove dressing form fridge then stir into the salad bowl.
  • Served salad as in picture, placing chicken on top.

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Training song of the week

If we ever (Unglued remix) – High contrast, Unglued

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 11.08.26