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Measurements Matter

Thoughts of the week

“Measurements Matter”


Measuring can be defend as ‘denoting an instrument or device used to ascertain the size, amount, or degree of something’ and performance can be defend as ‘the action or process of performing a task or function’ Therefore the main reasoning behind “measuring performance” is to see if something has got worse, improved or stayed the same. You can therefore evaluate if the systems involved in process were effective or not.

This evaluation will allow you to take away, add or keep certain components of this process the next time round, hopefully making it more effective. If nothing is measured there is no way of telling how successful it has been. In terms of physical / athletic performance it is crucial to carry this out before starting a new training program or exercise regime.

Here are our recommended tests that are easy to carry out when measuring pre, during and post values:

  • Cardiovascular
    • Resting heart rate – Beats per minute
  • Anthropometrics
    • Weight – Kilograms
  • Work capacity
    • Front bridge hold – Max time in seconds
    • Side bridge hold (left and right) – Max time in seconds
  • Strength (Choose 1)
    • Press ups (Arms fully extend to chest touching floor each rep) – Max reps in 60 seconds
    • Back squat – Max weight in kilograms for 1 repetition
    • Deadlift – Max weight in kilograms for 1 repetition
    • Bench press – Max weight in kilograms for 1 repetition
  • Power (Choose 1)
    • Standing broad jump – Max distance in centimetres
    • Wall touch countermovement jump – Max height in centimetres
  • Speed (Choose 1)
    • 20m sprint – Time in seconds
    • 40m sprint – Time in seconds
    • 60m sprint – Time in seconds
  • Endurance (Choose 1)
    • 400m run – Time in seconds
    • 5km run – Time in minutes
    • Wattbike 3 minute test – Maxminal Minute Power in Watts + Maximal Heart Rate in beats per minute
    • Watt bike 20mins test – Functional Threshold Power in Watts
    • 2km row – Time in minutes
    • 5km row – Time in minutes
    • Burpees – Max reps in 60 seconds

There are many more that can be carried out however these often involve the use of additional equipment that some people may not have access to. Choosing some, not all, of the above will give you a good idea of how you’re progressing in that particular area. We recommended doing this every 4-6 weeks in combination with whatever plan you’re following. Make sure the tests you use are specific to the fitness component you want to measure and are done the same way each time to ensure the values are accurate and consistent. Training this way allow you to improve more efficiently and effectively!

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Exercise of the week

Profiling | Movement screening | Squat | Progressions
  • Hands in front squat
  • Overhead stick squat

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Recipe of the week

Spicy wholewheat penne w. flaked cod


  • Preheat the oven, dust fresh cod fillets with garlic, paprika & olive oil then bake until just underdone. The fish will finish cooking in the tomato sauce.
  • While the fish is in the oven bring salted water to boil then cook the wholewheat penne until just underdone. Drain then toss with a little olive oil to prevent the pasta sticking together.
  • In a separate pan bring your organic tomato pasta to a simmer, adding whatever seasoning you like; we added red chilli flakes. Next add the underdone fish to the sauce, cooking for a few more mins. While cooking break up the fish into small pieces so it mixes in.
  • Once the sauce is hot & the fish is cooked in with the penne pasta, season with ground black pepper & parmesan cheese.
  • Serve as in picture.

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Training song of the week

Alternate – Josh Parkinson

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.52.08