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Rule Necessity

Thoughts of the week

“Rule Necessity”

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Rules can be defined as “one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity” or “control of or dominion over an area or people”. Rules initially exist for protection. Protection of the environment and/or the people using it. When used correctly they help to promote safety, stability, fairness, trust and development.

The more important rules tend to be highlighted first, above and beyond less important rules however they all matter. These often come with guidelines to help educate people on a system or process that needs to be followed to demonstrate best practice, identify boundaries and qualify appropriate behaviour. If rules did not exist then less order would occur, people could suffer negative consequences when undertaking na activity or task. Ultimately the effectiveness and efficiency of an outcome would be less over time.

Depending on the situation rules need to be made fair and realistic. People in positions of power such as CEO’s, founders, directors and managers need to act in the interests of people they represent over their own. People need to be careful not to put their liberty at risk and respect why such rules are in place. If they deem it necessary to challenge a particular rule then this must be done openly, respectively and lawfully. If a rule is broken then clear consequences need to be highlighted beforehand and followed through. If no action is taken following deliberate violation then there is little point in them existing at all.

We have worked with many different sports and business organisations over the last 15 years. The clear difference between the more successful ones was that people were fully aware from the start, what was expected of them and the consequences if this wasn’t followed. People make mistakes, errors and have episodes of bad judgement, that’s human nature and must be managed fairly, but very different to directly defying clearly laid out rules. This is all directly related to values and culture of an organisation. Have none of these then don’t expect to go far and don’t expect things to last long!

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Exercise of the week

Profiling | Movement screening | Lunge | Progressions
  • Hands in front forward lunge
  • Stick forward lunge

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Recipe of the week

Chicken & wholewheat pasta vegetable salad


  • Roughly dice & slice yellow pepper, broccoli & cherry tomato, place on foil lined baking tray, drizzle with olive oil then season with sea salt, ground black pepper & red chilli flakes. Leave to one side.
  • Season large chicken breast with dried cajun spices & sit in baking dish.
  • Place both the vegetables & chicken breast in medium-high oven for approx. 20-25mins.
  • After 15mins bring a pan of water to the boil. Place wholewheat pasta of choice, cooking until al dente for approx. 5-10mins. Once cooked to preference, drain & rest.
  • Check chicken is cooked though & vegetables have roasted well. For the final few mins of cooking, mix in some spinach to vegetables tray then place back in the oven.
  • Remove everything from oven. Place pasta back into pan along with vegetables, ensuring to stir & mix well.
  • Slice chicken along breast then serve all together as in picture.

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Training song of the week

One (Belle De Jour Remix) – Svenja Leopold, Ocean Avenue, Belle De Jour 

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