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Travel Regularly

Thoughts of the week

“Travel Regularly”


When was the last time you went travelling? Why did you go? Where did you go? What was it like? What did you learn? Would you go back? Working with clients and athletes all over the world means we travel lots! Events, competitions, camps, conferences, organisations, centres, clubs, tracks, slopes, parks, coasts, lakes, you name it we’ve been there! The frequency initially became hard to get used to but now we absolutely love it for these reasons:

  • Self awareness – Being in an unfamiliar place forces you to be more aware of what’s going on around you and can enhance your senses.
  • Fun – Exploring different places is an adventure. The element of the unknown is always exciting.
  • Memories – Some of the best times in your life can be had when somewhere new.
  • Education – You learn so much, so quickly when in a different environment. 
  • Confidence – This increases when used in uncomfortable surroundings, making everyday challenges in familiar environments easier to deal with.
  • Uncertainty – Not exactly knowing keeps you on your toes.
  • Culture – Always fascinating to explore different ones and live as other people do.
  • Creativity – Being faced to live and act differently really makes you think outside the box.
  • Relaxation – Being away form home and someone else can really help calm the mind and rest the body.
  • Social skills – Always improve when surrounded by different types of people with different lifestyles.
  • Communication – Has to good enough to get buy but also gives you a greater respect for of there languages.
  • Organisation – Needs to be of high quality to maximise time spent away to make if worthwhile and efficient.
  • Planning – Essential to get the most out of whatever you intend to do when you’re there. 
  • Development – Personal and professional skills improve when in unfamiliar territory.
  • Purpose – Can often become more clear when you have to become comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Appreciation – Of others peoples lives is defiantly enhanced.
  • Relationships – One of the key things that can be built and developed when meet new people for the first time.

So next time you’re headed away consider the above and think about all of the things you can gain when there!

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Exercise of the week

Profiling | Movement screening | Ankle | Progressions
  • Knee to wall test

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Recipe of the week

Steak summer salad


  • Gently grill some thin sizzle steaks in garlic butter, ground black pepper & sea salt until softly cooked though in middle. Leave to one side to cool.
  • In a large salad bowl combine drained black beans, baby leaf spinach, chopped cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, diced mango, chopped spring onion, chunked avocado & torn feta.
  • For the dressing mix together fresh lemon juice, olive oil, french mustard, apple cider vinegar, & red chilli flakes. 
  • Pour dressing over salad, mixing together well, then slice steak into thin strips.
  • Serve as in picture, placing steak strips on top of salad.

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Training song of the week

Don’t Let Me Down (Illenium Remix) – The Chainsmokers, Day, Illenium

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