Extreme Sports Performance | Assistance Resistance
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Assistance Resistance

Thoughts of the week

“Assistance Resistance”


When was the last time you were doing something and got completely stuck with it? The upper limit of your knowledge had been reach? No matter what you tried, nothing would work? Fresh out of ideas, not knowing where to go next? This happens to more people, more often that you think, but the strange thing is that asking for help is one of the last things people will do!

This is usually because of pride and not wanting to appearing inferior to those around you. People associate not knowing the answer or not having a solution to solve a problem with a sense of failure! This is especially true if they are in a more senior position or have a level of increased responsibility.

The most successful high performance sport and business clients that we have worked with are not afraid of asking for help if they need it! The process is embraced in a very open and positive way. It helps to engage those around them, encourage a multi-dimensional, team approach and promote learnings.

As a company ourselves, we have recently had some challenges of our own in certain areas so we contacted an expert to help us with them. We were instantly asked to change our perspective and look at things differently which immediately allowed us to focus energy, time and attention down another path, beginning to solve the problem.

If you really don’t know then put your hand in the air. You will get more respect for being honest than pretending and wasting time. Be dubious of people who don’t give much advice away for free, as well as people who claim to know everything! Utilise your personal and professional network to filter out the help you may need…

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Exercise of the week

Profiling | Work capacity | Hip Hinge | Progressions
  • Hand slide deadlift
  • Barbell stiff leg deadlift

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Recipe of the week

Steak w. raw spinach, cherry tomato & green pepper salad


  • Rinse & drain a handful of baby spinach then leave to drain
  • Slice a handful of cheery tomatoes in half
  • Cut a small green pepper into 8 long pieces
  • Gently fry steak of your choice (we used a lean rump) in organic butter & crushed garlic for approximately 6-8 mins (3-4mins each side) then leave to rest for 1-2mins.
  • Plate & serve as in picture, sprinkling ground black pepper over steak & fresh lemon juice over vegetables

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Training song of the week

You Don’t Know – Loyle Carner, Rebl Kelff, Kiko Bunn

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 16.42.01