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Review Process

Thoughts of the week

“Review Process”


How often do you have to do something important? For work? When training? At home? It’s likely this occurs regularly, if not every day! But, how often do you review the important thing you have done? Never? Occasionally? Regularly? This may seem like a simple question but it is an important one. Whatever it is you have had to do, the quality of the finished result should be reviewed as it reflects directly back on you!

Review is defined as “a formal assessment of something with the intention of instituting change if necessary”. This process can be done many different ways and the detail involved in each largely depends on importance, time and resources. The system you use to review things   will evolve over time but the more you do it, the more it will improve. 

We recently started doing lots of filming for a new product we will be launching soon and when we got half way through it was very obvious that a) there was a better way of doing it and b) we had missed out an important component. Therefore we stopped, collated all of the information together, reviewed it, made a new plan and started again. As frustrating as the was we know that in the long run it would be worth it and our best effort would be what people would get! The things we learnt from this reviewing experience were:

  • We accidently created added value
  • It got ourselves out of a problem
  • Objectives were wrong and unrealistic the first time round
  • The revised product has a different and better perspective
  • More observation and awareness was developed
  • Additional care was put into our second strategy
  • The successes of the first attempt were carried over
  • As a process it gave us support in knowing the second one will be better
  • The whole experience empowered us to keep on doing what we love as well as we can

So next time you have to anything important, consider a review process, you never know where it may lead…

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Exercise of the week

Profiling | Work capacity | Single Leg | Progressions
  • Split squat | Hands behind head
  • Barbell split squat

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Recipe of the week

Moroccan turkey stuffed peppers


  • Gently fry lean turkey mince in some olive oil, adding sea slat, ground pepper, red chilli flakes & dry moroccan seasoning. Once meat starts to brown, leave on a low heat for approx. 5 mins stirring occasionally.
  • To make a side portion of tzatziki squeeze of fresh lemon juice, splash of olive oil, clove of crushed garlic & pinch of mixed herbs to a bowl small bowl of strained greek yoghurt. Add in half a diced cucumber then mix together.
  • Slice a bell pepper of your choice in half, removing seeds. Place on a foil lined baking try & heat in a medium-high oven for approx. 5mins
  • Remove peppers from oven so they are warm but still crunchy. Spoon turkey inside of each half until they are full. Sprinkle with ground black pepper & place tzatziki on side of plate, serving as in picture. 

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Training song of the week

Nowhere To Go (Dom Dolla Remix) – Hayden James, NAATIONS, Dom Dolla

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 12.59.44