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Self Belief

Thoughts of the week

“Self Belief”


When faced with an obstacle, challenge, problem or important event how do you feel? Are you confident or do you doubt yourself? Do you approach positively or negatively? Why?

Everyday in business, sport or general life we are faced with things we need to overcome. Some just happen and others are expected. How you prepare and approach these will largely define the outcome! 

The main thing that dictates the result is your mindset and belief, particularly in your own ability. The thoughts of your subconscious mind can largely affect the systems, process and actions that are undertaken leading up to the moment and therefore manner in which the situation is dealt with. 

Based on vast experience of high performance we have seen an know that:

  • Poor preparation + Low confidence + Negative belief + Sub-optimal time + Maximal distraction = Failure
  • Thorough preparation + High confidence + Positive belief + Optimal time + Minimal distraction = Success

There may be some middle ground where the outcome might be positive but not as much as it could be or you’d like it! Next time you have to manage or deal with something important, identify the importance, be realistic, keep honest and believe in yourself…

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Exercise of the week

Profiling | Work capacity | Push | Progressions
  • 45 deg. incline push up
  • Flat push up
  • Barbell bench press

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Recipe of the week

Pork loins w. mixed pepper salad


  • Half, quarter then eighth a red, yellow on green pepper. Keep approx. 12 slices add refrigerate the rest for another day
  • Gently fry a 1-2 pork loins for approx 4-6 mins (2-3mins each side) in reduced salt soy sauce, ground black pepper, chopped garlic, crushed ginger & sliced red chilli until meat starts to brown on both sides. Ensure it is cooked through the middle.
  • Plate peppers & loin on plate as in picture.

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Training song of the week

In Degreess (Purple Disco Machine Remix) – Foals, Purple Disco Machine

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 16.27.55