Extreme Sports Performance | Moaning Regulation
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Moaning Regulation

Thoughts of the week

“Moaning Regulation”


We all know someone who constantly moans…at work, in a sports team, amongst our friends or even a family member! A person often complaining or grumbling, typically about something trivial. The following may be some reasons for why they do it:

  • May be genuinley unhappy about something
  • Could be seeking attention
  • Want to deal with a problem but don’t know how
  • Trying to complete a task but stuck
  • Something outside of the present has occurred that is still an issue
  • Stuck in a negative mindset they can’t get out of
  • Managing a form of personal trauma they haven’t addressed

It may make people feel better but it is a very negative thing for people to do. The following could occur as result:

  • A pessimistic culture could develop
  • Productivity could decrease 
  • Innovation may become limited
  • Bad relationships could occur
  • Being negative more often than being positive is bad for your health
  • People may want to go elsewhere 

So what can be done to limit, or even stop a moaner or moaning culture:

  • Have clear organisational values and ensure everyone is aligned with these
  • Stay organised 
  • Make people accountable for things
  • Get people to lead by example 
  • Spread positively 
  • Ensure everyones mood is good before arriving, if not then allow them to leave and return when it is 
  • Keep your distance from anyone negative
  • Don’t ignore it
  • Get it dealt with my the most senior person around
  • Follow up any issues so they don’t arise again

There are many more reasons, issues and solutions, we’ve just focused on the main ones. Whatever environment you find yourself in consider the above to help reduce negatively and increase positively, ultimately leading to better performance…

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Exercise of the week

Profiling | Fitness testing | Speed | Options
  • 5m-40m
    • 2 point start
    • 3 point start

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Recipe of the week

Smashed avocado on rye w. cherry tomatoes & scrambled egg


  • Roughly chop a large avocado into small pieces then place in mixing bowl. Add fresh lime juice, sea salt, ground black pepper, a little red chilli & a splash of olive oil. Mix together well with fork until smooth. Spread over rye (we used dried crackers).
  • Slice some cherry tomatoes up into small pieces, placing on top on of avo. covered rye.
  • Finally melt some organic butter in a pan, whisk in 2-3 eggs, slowly scrambling on o a low heat. Add additional seasoning should you wish.
  • Plate and serve as in picture.

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Training song of the week

Wasting My Young Years (Henrik Schwarz Remix) – London Grammar, Henrik Schwarz

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 15.24.56