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Traffic Lights

Thoughts of the week

“Traffic Lights”


Traffic lights are meant to ease congestion on what otherwise could be a dangerous road. Without them there with be a higher risk of accidents occurring and ultimatley journeys would take longer.

In high performance settings, applying red, amber or green systems can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of important processes. Having a graded set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organised scheme or method will help manage a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

The colours can be applied exactly liked they would be on a road:

  • Red – Stop. Do not continue until clear, confirmed and obvious
  • Amber – Be cautious and get ready to change.
  • Green – Go. All good to continue.

This concept sounds simple but it can really help to prioritise things in order of importance or reflect to the current status of something. When managing large projects, events, teams and individuals, applying a traffic light system can create more order and ultimately allow for more positive outcomes…

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Exercise of the week

Profiling | Fitness testing | Power | Options
  • Squat jump | Arms fixed
  • Countermovement jump (CMJ) | Arms fixed
  • Broad jump | Arm swing
  • Triple hop

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Recipe of the week

Portuguese chicken pitta w. corn & peas


  • Wrap a corn husk foil, adding in organic butter & a sprinkle of paprika. Please in medium-high over for approx. 20mins.
  • Boil some frozen garden peas for approx. 8-10mins then drain. Add a teaspoon of butter & teaspoon of mint sauce. Stir well & leave to one side.
  • Gently fry a medium size chicken breast on both sides in a teaspoon of coconut oil, adding some sea salt, ground black pepper & red chilli flakes during cooking. Ensure breast is cooked all the way through. Take of heat. 
  • Quarter 1 red pepper, drain 1 pineapple ring, grate a handful of mature cheddar, then place in pan on top of chicken breast. Light warm until cheese starts to melt, pepper starts to darken & pineapple ring starts to soften. 
  • Toast a pitta bread of your choice (we used wholewheat) in top of oven for a couple of minutes, being careful not to burn.
  • Take corn & pitta out of oven.
  • Slice open pitta on one side then, using a large spoon, carefully transfer chicken, pepper, pineapple & cheese in to it.
  • Unwrap corn, stir peas, then serve as in picture.

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Training song of the week

Sundream (Claptone Remix) – Rufus Du Sol

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 12.59.43