Extreme Sports Performance | Character Differences
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Character Differences

Thoughts of the week

“Character Differences”


Everyday we meet people who are so different! When comes to the high performance clients and athletes we interact with daily, the most obvious difference we find is character. The best definition of this is “the qualities distinctive to an individual.”

Some people are easier to get on with, other are harder. Some people like more of a challenge, other like less. Some people need constant attention and guidance, others don’t. The list could go on forever.

Ultimately we want to provide a positive, successful, helpful and useful outcome to all the organisations, teams, athletes and people we work with, but it is not always easy.

After many years of trial and error we have found the the best way to do this is to fully understand their character first. What is their personality type? How do they like to be coached? What is the best way to provide feedback? How hard or soft do you push when the hard work needs to be done?

This week we have had to deal with some very difficult characters within certain organisations who have indirectly been making life difficult for everyone around them. Turns out that it wasn’t not intentional, it was just a reaction to problem they had that nobody else had actually asked them about. Once some time, attention, understanding, compassion and help was offered the problem disappeared. 

Next time you experience a similar challenge try understanding the persons character first rather than initial problem, we guaruntee it will be resolved more effectively…

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Exercise of the week

Development | Preparation | Activation | Level 1 | Stages A to E | Progressions
  • Bridge combinations
  • Mini band combinations
  • Handle band combinations
  • Strength band combinations
  • Skipping combinations

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Recipe of the week

Full fat yogurt w. mixed summer berries


  • Pour frozen mixed summer berries into a mug & leave to defrost at room temperature for 1 hour 
  • Spoon full fat natural yoghurt into a bowl (we used FAGE total)
  • Top frozenn berries, along with melted juices on top of yoghurt
  • If desired, drizzle a small amount of natural honey on top of banana
  • Serve as in picture

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Training song of the week

Illusions – Jack Wilby

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 15.50.25