Extreme Sports Performance | Festive Routine
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Festive Routine

Thoughts of the week

“Festive Routine”

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The festive season can often be a busy one for all. Traveling, hosting, meeting, cooking…there is always a lot going on! The things that you would usually do your normal routine such as sleeping, exercising, eating, drinking and anything mindfulness related often get pushed aside or deprioritised. 

Depending on where you are and how long you are there for will affect what is possible to keep as part of your daily health and wellness routine. Here are top tips to keep you honest during the festivities:

  • Sleep as well as you can. 
    • If you’re in a different bed than normal then at least consider binging your own pillow with you. Some ear plugs and an eye mask always work wonders in a different (noisier) then normal environment.    Being surrounded 24/7 by family can be exhausting so make sure you’re well rested!
  • Make time for exercise. 
    • If it means having to get up a little earlier before everyone else does then do it. It will get your day off to a much better start and make you fell less guilty about indulging on your third mince pie! This can be as simple as a long walk outside, yoga in the bedroom or a quick body weight strength circuit in the garage. Anything is better then nothing…
  • Treat yourself but don’t cheat yourself! 
    • Enjoy a mince pie with a cup of tea at breakfast, have a cookie with a coffee as a snack in the afternoon, savour the christmas pudding for desert but not constantly pig out on these type of foods just because they’re there! You will eventually feel sick and most likely ‘crash out’. Make sure you are eating at least 2 well balanced (1/3 protein, 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 carbohydrate) per day to keep energised and recovered.
  • Keep hydrated. 
    • Probably the most forgotten habit when in the festive moment. Have a glass of water; when you wake up, in between meals, with every meal, after every 2 alcoholic drinks and before bed. This may seem far fetched but you should be averaging at least 3 litres per day (plus more with exercise) so don’t forget the clear stuff!

We hope the above helps and wish everyone a great christmas!

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Exercise of the week

Development | Recovery | Mobilise | Level 5 | Stages A to E | Progressions
  • Spinal mobility combinations or Hurdle / stick combinations
  • Lunge combinations
  • Push combinations
  • Swing / sweep / hug / pull combinations 

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Recipe of the week

“Smoked salmon & cream cheese toasted wholewheat muffin”


  • Boil water in a shallow pan, adding some ground sea salt & white wine vinegar. Stir aggressively to create a whirlpool in centre then break in whole organic egg in. Leave to completely poach for 2-3mins ensuring there is no clear egg white present. Carefully remove with a drainable spoon and place on a double layer of kitchen towel to dry. Repeat this process twice with 2 eggs.
  • Slice some organic wholewheat muffins in half then place in toaster on a moderate setting. When done, spread some low fat cream cheese generously on top.
  • Pull of some slices of organic smoked salmon, placing them on top of muffins.
  • Place eggs on top of salmon then pierce with knife so yoke can run.
  • Grind a moderate amount of fresh black pepper over everything.
  • Plate and serve as in picture.

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Training song of the week

Always Rushing – Roland Tings, Mild Minds

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