JULY 2018


Updates of the month...

Coming up to 5 months since the launch of our new website! New services and online store products is still being developed and uploaded. Watch this space for so much more still to come in addition to what we already have! Keep checking our website and social media pages for news...


 Last Month | June 2018

-Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

-Multiple victories for SPS rowing squads, SPS track and field athletes at and SPS first XI cricket.

-Continuing in-season cricket strength and conditioning programs in sync with matches being played throughout the month.

-Carrying out in-season tennis strength and conditioning programs alongside an already demanding tournament schedule.

-Balancing track and field performance programs with the outdoor season schedule.

-Ongoing program development with our new swimming athletes.

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Podcast of the month...

"Episode #6 | June 18 | Chatting sport science in professional football with Laurence Bloom"

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Blogs from the past month...

Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct

Dynamic | Strength | Olympic lift | From floor | Split stance finish | Weighted bar

Tomato & spinach boodles w. garlic & lemon prawns

Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie (High contrast mix) - Arlissa, Jonas Blue, High Contrast

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Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Dynamic | Strength | Olympic lift | Hang | Split stance finish | Weighted bar

Prawn & lemongrass fishcake w. white cabbage, carrot & radish salad

Conveyor Belt - Riviera

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Look Forward

Look Forward

Dynamic | Strength | Olympic lift | Clean & split jerk | Weighted bar

Summer salad with spicy baked tofu

The Fugitive Kind - The Trigger Code

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Frustration Control

Frustration Control

Dynamic | Strength | Olympic lift | Clean & push jerk | Weighted bar

Grilled baby gem salad w. prawns

On Hold (Jamie xx Remix) - The xx, Jamie xx

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Mix Up

Mix Up

Strength | Development | Olympic lift | Jerk | Split | Behind neck | Bar speed + weighted bar

Roast vegetable salad w. grilled halloumi

On Hold (Jamie xx Remix) - The xx, Jamie xx

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...



Comparing the deadlift performed with and without a bounce

Key Findings: When using a bounce between deadlift reps, the joint impulses (joint torque multipled by time) and joint work done (joint torque multipled by angular rotation) for the ankle, knee, and hip are reduced, both for the early part of the lift (to peak barbell bounce height) and also for the whole lifting phase.

Practical Application: When using the deadlift for achieving adaptations that contribute to increased maximum strength or to greater muscle size, using a pause between reps is likely the optimal approach. Using a pause means that the muscles must produce greater forces to lift the same barbell load, which is likely to enhance muscular adaptations from training.




The relationship between strength asymmetry and athletic performance

Key Findings: In elite under-21 male soccer players, measures of change of direction time were moderately associated with quadriceps and hamstrings strength asymmetry. Linear sprint running times were moderately associated with high-velocity concentric hamstrings strength asymmetry only. Vertical jumping heights were not related to strength asymmetry.

Practical Application: Increasing hamstring strength is likely key for sprint running, while increasing quadricep strength is more important for changing direction. Reducing strength asymmetries in both hamstrings and quadriceps muscles may enhance athletic performance in sprinting and changing direction, but is unlikely to have any effect on two-leg vertical jumping.




Comparing the effect of daytime and nighttime protein supplementation

Key Findings: During long-term strength training, there are no differences in the gains in muscle size achieved when consuming a 35g casein protein supplement either pre-sleep or earlier in the day, when total daily protein intakes are 2.0 – 2.1g per kg of bodyweight per day, and when caloric intake is above maintenance levels.

Practical Application: Pre-sleep protein can be used to enhance gains in muscle size during strength training in the same way as protein consumed at other times of day. However, it probably does not produce superior effects, so long as total daily protein intake is the same.



(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)


Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in July 2018...

2-15: Tennis - Wimbledon

7-29: Cycling - Tour de France

10: Football - World Cup semi-final: France v Belgium, St Petersburg

10: Cricket - England women v New Zealand women, second ODI, Derby (d/n)

11: Football - World Cup semi-final: Croatia v England, Moscow

12, 14 & 17: Cricket - England v India ODIs

13: Cricket - England women v New Zealand women, third ODI, Leicester (d/n)

14: Football - World Cup third-place play-off, St Petersburg

14-15: Triathlon - ITU World Series, Hamburg

14-15: Athletics - World Cup London 2018, London Stadium

15: Football - World Cup final, Moscow

19-22: Golf - The Open, Carnoustie

20-22: Rugby union - Men's and women's Rugby Sevens World Cup, San Francisco 

21-22: Athletics - London Anniversary Games, London Stadium

21 July-5 Aug: Hockey - Women's World Cup, London

22: Cricket - Women's Super League starts

22: Formula 1 - German Grand Prix, Hockenheim

27-29: Triathlon - ITU World Series, Edmonton

28-29: Cycling - Ride London - Surrey

29: Formula 1 - Hungarian Grand Prix, Budapest

30 July-5 Aug: Badminton - World Championships, Nanjing, China

30 July-12 Aug: Sailing - World Championships, Aarhus, Denmark

31 July-5 Aug: Taekwondo - World Championships, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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