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Updates of the month...

It's be 4 months since the launch of our new website! New services and online store products is still continuing to grow. There is still so much to come in addition to what we already have so keep checking our website and social media pages for news...


 Last Month | May 2018

-Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

-Multiple victories for SPS rowing squads at National Schools & MET Regatta, Dorney | SPS track and field athletes at Lord Burghley Trophy, Eton.

-Continuing in-season cricket strength and conditioning programs in sync with matches being played throughout the month.

-Carrying out in-season tennis strength and conditioning programs alongside an already demanding tournament schedule.

-Balancing track and field performance programs with the outdoor season schedule.

-Working with some new sports such as swimming and water polo.

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Podcast of the month...

"Episode #5 | May 18 | Chatting modern day strength and conditioning jobs and working in elite tennis performance environments with Daz Drake"

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Blogs from the past month...

Worry Less

Worry Less

Strength | Development | Olympic lift | Jerk | Split | In front of neck | Bar speed + weighted bar

Mexican fiesta bowl w. spicy prawns

Never Enough - The Hunna

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Perfect Productivity

Perfect Productivity

Strength | Development | Olympic lift | Jerk | Push | Behind neck | Bar speed + weighted bar

Spicy Kale, Cauliflower, Chickpea & Butternut Squash Salad w. Vegetarian Sausages

Aurora - Kidnap

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Sleep Well

Sleep Well

Strength | Development | Olympic lift | Jerk | Push | In front on neck | Bar speed + weighted bar

Kitchen sink salad w. white fish

Sinking down - Son Volt

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Turn Up

Turn Up

Strength | Development | Olympic lift | Hang | Turnover | Bar speed + weighted bar

Dark chocolate & coconut frozen banana bites

Pushing On - Boxed In

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Teach People

Teach People

Strength | Development | Olympic lift | From hip with hit | Turnover | Bar speed + weighted bar

Turkey & spring green salad

Wild Life (Panama Remix) | Client Liaison, Panama

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...


Exploring the effects of cluster sets during lower body power training? 

Aim: Comparing effects of a 3-week strength training phase on changes in the force-velocity profiles of jump squats with a range of loads with either traditional or cluster set configurations

Methods: 19 males subjects (23.6 +/- 5.8 years) trained twice a week for 3 weeks | Workouts consisted of 6 sets of 6 jump squats at 20% 1RM, hitting maximal bar speeds for all reps | The traditional group had 5 mins rest between sets and | The cluster group had 5mins, 30 secs rest between each set plus an additional 30 secs of rest between each cluster | 8 weeks prior to this subjects performed identical workouts and were initially untrained. 

Findings: Cluster sets produced greater increases in bar speed an power output for jump squats using loads (25% of 1RM), close to the load used in training (20% of 1RM) perhaps because greater speeds can be used with intra-set rest periods.

Practical Application: Athletes who need high velocity strength for sport may benefit from cluster format power training consisting of intranet rest periods whilst focusing on moving the bar as quickly as possible.




Do the lower body muscles work nearly isometrically during running?

Aim: To assess if the the muscle facile changes length or remains quasi-isometric and to measure muscle fascilie, muscle tendon unit lengths and shortening velocities during both walking and running.

Methods: 30 young healthy adults performed maximal voluntary isometric contraction knee extensions at a range of joint angles while ultrasound was used to reread changes in muscle length | They later performed treadmill walking and running while joint angle movements and changes in muscle  lengths were recorded

Findings: During the active stance phase of both walking and running Vastus lateralis fascicles contract close to their optimum length and display only small length changes | A close proximity to optimum length for force production, combined with a slow contraction velocity, allows fascicles to produce high levels of force, despite a fast movement speed.

Practical Application: Muscles produce force at optimum lengths and slow contraction velocities, while tendons behave elastically during cyclical activities, | This makes enhancing force production in cyclical movements difficult | Isometrics and heavy strength training allow high muscle forces, but negatively impact tendon behavior, making them less elastic | Plyometrics involve lower muscle forces, but do not produce negative effects on tendon elasticity.





Does percentage of 1RM matter for hypertrophy when training to failure?

Aim: To compare the effects of using a range of different percentages of one repetition-maximum (1RM) on gains in muscle size and strength in untrained males, in a long-term training program.

Methods: 30 untrained males (24.5 +/- 2.4 years) trained  twice a week for 12 weeks | Each workout involved 1-arm biceps curl and 1-leg 45° leg press exercise to failure | Subjects trained 1 leg and 1 arm with 20% of 1RM however the contralateral leg and arm were allocated to 1 of 3 training loads which were 40% of 1RM, 60% of 1RM, and 80% of 1RM | The leg and arm using 20% of 1RM were trained first in each workout that consisted of 3 sets to failure with 2 sec concentric and eccentric phases | These volume loads (sets x reps x load) were then used to select the number of sets to be used in the other conditions.

Findings: Using percentages between 20 – 80% of 1RM can lead to gains in muscle size and strength when training to failure | Changes in muscle size were smaller with 20% of 1RM, than with heavier loads | Overall strength gains tended to increase with increasing percentage of 1RM

Practical Application: Achieving maximum muscle growth likely requires training with a load that exceeds acertain threshold | The threshold is most likely determined by the number of reps rather than the percentage of 1RM since fatigue is highly task-specific | Achieving failure before reaching 30 reps is probably a good guideline when training using light loads 



(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)


Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in June 2018...

1-5: Cricket - England v Pakistan, second Test, Headingley 

2-3: Rugby league - Challenge Cup quarter-finals

7: Football - International friendly - England v Costa Rica, Elland Road

7: Triathlon - World Mixed Relay, Nottingham

9: Rugby union - Australia v Ireland, Brisbane; South Africa v England, Johannesburg; Argentina v Wales; Canada v Scotland

9: Boxing - Tyson Fury v Sefer Seferi, Manchester

10: Formula 1 - Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal

10: Cricket - Scotland v England, ODI, The Grange

10: Triathlon - World Triathlon Series, Leeds

13: Cricket - England v Australia, first ODI, The Oval (d/n)

14 June-15 July: Football - World Cup, Russia

14-17: Golf - US Open, Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, Southampton, New York

14-17: Karate - World Championships, Dundee

16: Rugby union - Australia v Ireland, Melbourne; South Africa v England, Bloemfontein; Argentina v Wales; USA v Scotland (kicks off on 17 June)

16: Cricket - England v Australia, second ODI, Cardiff

17-18: Cricket - One-Day Cup semi-finals

18: Football - World Cup: England v Tunisia, Volgograd

18-24: Tennis - Fever-Tree Championships, Queen's Club; London & Birmingham Classic

19: Cricket - England v Australia, third ODI, Trent Bridge (d/n)

19-23: Horse racing - Royal Ascot

21: Cricket - England v Australia, fourth ODI, Chester-le-Street (d/n)

22-30: Tennis - Eastbourne International, Devonshire Park

23: Rugby union - Australia v Ireland, Sydney; South Africa v England, Cape Town; Argentian v Scotland

23: Boxing - Billy Joe Saunders v Martin Murray, WBO middleweight title fight, London

24: Formula 1 - French Grand Prix, Le Castellet

24: Football - World Cup: England v Panama, Nizhny Novgorod

24: Cricket - England v Australia, fifth ODI, Old Trafford

27: Cricket - England v Australia, T20, Edgbaston (d/n)

28: Football - World Cup: England v Belgium, Kaliningrad

30: Cricket - One-Day Cup final, Lord's

30 June-1 July: Athletics - British Championships team trials, Birmingham


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