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Updates of the month...

Nearly 3 months since the launch of our new website and the interest in our new services and online store products is still continuing to grow! There is still so much to come in addition to what we already have so keep checking our website and social media pages for news...


 Last Month | April 2018

-Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education

-Continuing to prepare rowers for continuing heads in London, the South East and South West

-Beginning in-season cricket strength and conditioning programs in sync with matches being played throughout the month

-Carrying out in-season tennis strength and conditioning programs alongside an already demanding tournament schedule

-Balancing track and field performance programs with the outdoor season schedule 

-Working with some new extreme sports such as surfing and wakeboarding

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Podcast of the month...

"Apr 18 | Chatting performance training facilities with Tristan Baker"

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Blogs from the past month...

Legs Up

Legs Up

Strength | Development | From hip | Turnover | Bar speed + weighted bar

Southwestern bowl

Chasing Highs (Felix Carterl Remix) - ALMA, Felix Cartel

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Cultural Value

Cultural Value

Strength | Development | Snatch | Turnover | Bar speed + weighted bar

Grilled herby turkey breast w. mustard & chilli vegetables

Fire That Burns (Anomi Remix) - Circa Waves, Anomi

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Network Building

Network Building

Strength | Development | Snatch | Drop | Bar speed + weighted bar

Peri peri chicken pieces w. garlic & chilli grilled vegetables

Hopes Up (Baile Remix) - Drama Duo, BAILE

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Training Abroad

Training Abroad

Strength | Development | Clean | Hang | Bar speed + weighted bar

Top European hotel, restaurant and supermarket choices

EFL Ritual - Chemical Brothers

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...


Can the load velocity relationship be used to predict deadlift 1RM? 

Aim: To predict 1RM in strength-trained athletes by assessing the reliability and validity of the load velocity relationship

Methods: 11 male subjects (23.6 +/- 1.4 years w. at least 1 year strength training experience & mean 1RM deadlift of 2.0 +/- 0.3 time body weight) attended 3 sessions with at least 72 hours between each | Session 1 = 1RM assessment | Submax loads (20%, 40%, 60%, 80% & 90% 1RM) in session 2 & 3 were based on 1RM from session 1 | Session 2 & 3 = 1RM was tested again but bar velocity was also tested in a range of submit loads (20%, 40%, 60%, 80% & 90% 1RM) during the warm up | The eccentric phase of each rep had to be as fast as possible with heels staying on the floor

Findings: Reliability of actual 1RM's = high test-re-test reliability & low typical error | Reliability of predicted 1RM = high test-re-test reliability & higher typical error) | Reliability of mean concentric velocity (MCV) during actual 1RM  = moderate test-re-test reliability & low typical error | Validity of predicting 1RM = strong to perfect correlations  between actual and predicted 1RM's, high typical error & usually overestimated

Practical Application: Actual 1RM deadlift & predicated 1RM deadlift from the load-velocity relationship are very reliable between testing sessions, with batches of loads between 20-90% | Overestimation of of predicted 1RM | Bar speed is only moderately reliable




Comparing increases in jump height with increases in jump load

Aim: During the countermovement jump (CMJ), assessing the effects of changing body mass and jump height on the changing contributions to the hip knee and ankle joints to total joint work

Methods: 16 (recreational active males) subjects carried out 4 CMJ's, with additional body mass being added by weighted vest (100%, 120% & 160%) to the same jump height, except 160% which was to maximal height | CMJ's to 4 different heights were also carried out and added body mass was used to matched total work done for one of the four jumps | Subjects always self selected countermovement depth

Findings: Peak ankle net joint movement (NJM) showed a 21% increase, peak one NJM showed a 15% increase and peak hip NJM showed a 93% increase with increasing body mass. Only hip NJM showed an increase of 73% with increasing jump height | Achilles Tendon (AT) force showed an increase of 23% with increasing body mass and an increase o 7% with increasing jump height | Joint angle movements / range of motion (ROM) increase with both increasing body mass and jump height | Joint work increased with both increasing body mass and jump height but not with additional body mass | Joint work contributions decreased at the ankle but increased at the knee and hip with increasing jump height. There were no changes at the ankle, decreases at the knee and increases at the hip with increasing body mass

 Practical Application: An altered movement strategy occurs when increasing the load in a vertical or load (squat) jump. This change can successfully overload the hip in a similar way to increasing jump height. For improving contribution to the knee and ankle, lighter loads may be optimal.




Blow flow restriction causes muscle growth without mechanical loading

Aim: In a rodent model, comparing the effects of repeated bouts of blood flow restriction (BFR), electrically stimulated maximal contractions (ECC) and BRF combined with ECC.

Methods: 15-18 male rats were humanly treated, as described in the aim, twice a week for 6 weeks. 

Findings: Muscle growth can occur without muscular contractions causing mechanical loading when applying a BFR to the thigh twice per week in a rodent model | More muscle growth is caused by a BFR model compared to a ECC model | Only small effects occur with both

Practical Application: During strength training, inducing metabolic stress may have beneficial effects on muscle growth, independent of mechanical loading large due to cellular swelling inside the muscle pump | Things such as drop sets, agonist-antagonist supersets and rest-pause, that increase muscle swelling during training may have incremental benefits



(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)


Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in May 2018...

1-2: Football - Champions League semi-finals, second legs

2-6: Equestrian - Badminton Horse Trials

3: Football - Europa League semi-finals second legs

3-6: Cycling - Tour de Yorkshire (women's race 3-4 May)

4: Athletics - Diamond League, Doha

4-6: Rugby Union - Pro 13 play off first round

4-27: Cycling - Giro d'Italia (starts in Israel)

5: Boxing - Tony Bellew v David Haye, London

6-13: Tennis ATP, Madrid

7-13: Tennis - WTA, Madrid

10-13: Golf - Players Championship, Sawgrass, Florida

11-12: Rugby union - European Challenge Cup final, Bilbao

12-13: Rugby league - Challenge Cup sixth round

12: Athletics - Diamond League, Shanghai

12: Boxing - WBO-middleweight Sadam Ali v Liam Smith, New York

12-13: Triathlon, ITU World Series, Yokohama, Japan

13: Formula 1 - Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona 

13: Football - final day of Premier League season

16: Football - Europa League final, Lyon

18: Athletics - Great City Games, Manchester

19: Football - FA Cup final, Wembley; Scottish Cup final, Hampden

19: Boxing - World featherweight title: Lee Selby v Josh Warrington, Leeds

19-20: Rugby league - Super League Magic Weekend, Newcastle

24-27: Golf - PGA Championship, Wentworth

24-28: Cricket - England v Pakistan, first Test, Lord's

25-27: Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix

26: Football - Champions League final, Kiev, Ukraine

26: Football - EFL Championship play-off final, Wembley

26: Rugby union - Premiership final, Twickenham; Pro14 final, Aviva Stadium

26: Athletics - Diamond League, Eugene, USA

27: Motoracing - British World Superbikes, Donington

27 May-10 June: Tennis - French Open, Paris

31: Athletics - Diamond League, Rome


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