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It's been 7 months since the launch of our new website and more people each day are joining our growing community. New services and online store products continue to be developed and uploaded, with much more on the way towards the end of 2018 and start of 2019. Please keep checking our website and social media pages for news of these developments...


Last Month | August 2018

-Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

-Continuing sport science support for SPS senior rugby as they make an unbeaten start to their season.

-Ongoing strength and conditioning support for SPS senior rowing as they prepare for the Head Of The Charles in the US mid October.

-New program oversight for Barnes Swimming Club elite squad

-Some exciting ultra endurance training planning for action sports athletes that have approached us looking for continued management.

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"Episode #9 | September 18 | "Chatting international decathlon & developing young track & field athletes with Dr Adrian Hemery"

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Blogs from the past month...

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...



Comparing hamstrings activation in the hip extension and Nordic curl

Key Findings: In recreationally-active females, the eccentric-only 45-degree hip extension involves similar two-joint hamstrings muscle activation, but reduced single-joint (biceps femoris short head) hamstrings muscle activation. The eccentric-only Nordic curl involves preferentially higher levels of semitendinosus activation compared to the other hamstrings muscles.

Practical Application: Hip extension and knee flexion exercises involve different contributions from each of the hamstrings muscles. Therefore, both are likely necessary for optimal leg development. Where semitendinosus development is required, leg curls are optimal. Where preferential two-joint hamstrings development is required, hip extension exercises are superior.




Correlations of sprinting ability in high-level track and field athletes

Key Findings: Among high-level track and field athletes, vertical jump heights, and jump squat, half squat, and hip thrust mean propulsive power outputs (MPP) all present strong correlations with sprint running speeds over a range of splits between 10–150m. Hip thrust MPP was the best predictor of 10m (accelerating) sprinting speed, while unloaded jump heights were the best predictors of 100–150m (maximum) sprinting speed.

Practical Application: Exercises that develop the ability to produce a large hip extension moment at high speeds near to full hip extension (such as hip thrusts with a light load and a fast bar speed) may be optimal for developing accelerating sprinting ability, while exercises that improve vertical stiffness at high speeds (such as unloaded and loaded jumps) may be better for improving maximal sprinting speed.




Assessing the interference effect in highly-trained team sports athletes

Key Findings: In highly-trained team sports athletes, maximum strength and lean body mass can be increased through concurrent strength and endurance (cycling) training using either high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT). The use of either HIIT or MICT did not affect the changes in muscular strength or size.

Practical Application: Well-trained team sports athletes can be expected to achieve meaningful gains in muscular strength and size even when performing regular aerobic exercise. The type of aerobic exercise (HIIT or MICT) does not affect the strength gains that occur, so either can be used as required by the demands of the sport.



(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)


Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in October 2018...

4-7: Motorsport - Wales Rally GB

6: Boxing - Interim WBO world super-flyweight title fight - Nicola Adams v Isabel Millan

7: Formula 1 - Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka

10, 13, 17, 20 & 23: Cricket - Sri Lanka v England ODIs

11: Football - Uefa Nations League - Israel v Scotland

12: Football - Uefa Nations League - Croatia v England; Austria v Northern Ireland

12: Netball - Sunhine Series - Jamaica v England, National Indoor Sports Centre, Kingston

13: Football - Uefa Nations League - Republic of Ireland v Denmark

13: Rugby league - Super League Grand Final, Old Trafford

14: Netball - Sunhine Series - Jamaica v England, National Indoor Sports Centre, Kingston

15: Football - Uefa Nations League - Spain v England; Bosnia and Herzegovina v Northern Ireland

16: Football - Uefa Nations League - Republic of Ireland v Wales

16: Netball: Sunhine Series - Jamaica v England, National Indoor Sports Centre, Kingston

19-21: Taekwondo - Manchester Grand Prix

20: Horse racing - British Champions Day, Ascot

21: Formula 1 - United States Grand Prix, Austin

22-28: Tennis - WTA Finals, Singapore

25 Oct-3 Nov: Gymnastics - World Championships, Doha

27: Cricket - Sri Lanka v England, T20

27: Rugby league - England v New Zealand, first Test, Hull

27-28: Netball - Fast5 Netball World Series, Melbourne, Australia

28: Formula 1 - Mexican Grand Prix, Mexico City


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