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It's been 10 months since we launched out new website.

We are so excited that clients and our community have grown from few to many in such a short time frame, welcome and thank you for being part of it! 

New services and online products are ready to go and will be released at the start of next year.

We have completely revamped our user portal making it easier and quicker to access programs and content.

Keep an eye on our website and social media pages to see when these developments will be launched...!


Last Month | November 2018

-Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

-Ending sport science support for SPS senior rugby as season draws to a close, having reached the quarter final of the RFU U18 Schools Champions Trophy and finished the year with their lowest injury record to date.

-Ongoing strength and conditioning support for SPS senior rowing into 2019.

-Last few weeks of pre-season training for SPS senior football in the lead up to their January 2019 tour to Barcelona.

-Continuing speed and agility sessions for SPS senior Basketball program

-Performance enhancement oversight for Barnes Swimming Club elite squad

-Injury prevention oversight for SPS fencing team

-Individualised ESP athlete support and training management.

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Podcast of the month...

"Episode #11 | November 18 | "Chatting GB boxing physiology with Jamie Mitchell"

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...



Comparing the effects of unstable and stable strength training

Key Findings: Long-term strength training using an unstable push up variation caused stability-specific strength gains. The strength gains were greater when measured under unstable conditions, both in the trained exercise and in a similar, unstable isometric test, and there were reductions in antagonist muscle activation in the trained, unstable exercise.

Practical Application: Strength gains in unstable exercise variations may transfer to the ability to produce force in other movements that have very similar stability challenges. Therefore, when attempting to improve strength for sport, programming exercise variations that involve similar conditions of stability to those involved in the sport may enhance gains in force production in the sporting movements.




Assessing the relationship between lower body strength and deceleration


Key Findings: In youth soccer players, maximal linear deceleration ability is moderately strongly associated with fast concentric knee extension and knee flexion strength, as well as slow eccentric knee extension strength, of the dominant and non-dominant legs. In contrast, eccentric knee flexion strength was not associated with maximal linear deceleration ability.

Practical Application: In line with previous research, this study suggests that eccentric training for the quadriceps may be helpful for improving maximal linear deceleration ability, perhaps by using reverse Nordic curls, knee extensions with eccentric overload, or flywheel squats.




Assessing the accuracy of estimating repetitions to failure in a workout 

Key Findings: When training both the upper and lower body using moderately heavy loads, estimating reps to failure is a good predictor of actual reps to failure. The accuracy of estimating reps to failure improves slightly over 3 sets of an exercise in a workout. The error reduces from between 2–3 reps to between 0.5–1.5 reps, which may be because the actual number of reps performed after providing the estimate is lower in the later sets.

Practical Application: Estimated reps to failure can be used with an accuracy of approximately 1 rep when lifters have some strength training experience, and when the number of actual reps that can be performed to failure is between 3–5 reps. In practice, this is at the top end of the optimal range for training while avoiding failure. In most cases, estimating reps to failure should be an acceptably accurate scale for matching reps to loads during training.



(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)


Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in December 2018...

13 Dec-1 Jan: Darts - PDC World Championships, London

26: Horse racing - King George VI Chase, Kempton


Please share with anyone else who you think may be interested... 

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