APRIL 2019


Updates of the month...

It's been over a year months since we launched our new website.

Clients and our community are still growing everyday, welcome and thank you for being part of it! 

There are many more new services and store products live and fully available to access, check out below links.

The user portal has been completely revamped making it easier and quicker to access programs and content on desktop, tablet & phone!

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Last Month | March 2019

-Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

-Ongoing strength and conditioning support for SPS rowing this month as they continue to prepare for multiple upcoming races this summer 

-Pre-season cricket programming for multiple teams

-Final preparations for SPS athletics squad weather training tour to Portugal this month

-Injury prevention oversight for SPS fencing team.

-Performance enhancement for Barnes Swimming Club elite squad

-Individualised support and training management for out adventure and action sports clients.

-Continuing to work with new sports such as American football & volleyball.

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Podcast of the month...

"Episode #15 | March 19 | "Chatting MMA from grass roots to UFC with Paul Hines"

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Blogs from the past month...

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Burnout Awareness

Burnout Awareness

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Sesame vegetarian beef w. miso noodles

Supernatural - The Slow Readers Club

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...



Comparing the effects of training with the Nordic curl and the Razor curl 

Key Findings: Strength gains after Nordic curl and Razor curl eccentric strength training are specific to the exercise used in training. Increases in biceps femoris (long head) fascicle length and decreases in pennation angle are greater after weighted Nordic curl training than after either unweighted Nordic curl training or Razor curl training. Detraining has a greater effect on changes in muscle architecture than on strength gains.

Practical Application: To maximise increases in hamstrings muscle fascicle lengths after eccentric leg curl training, select Nordic curls instead of Razor curls, and implement weight to progress the Nordic curls instead of using bodyweight and increasing either volume (sets x reps) or the length of time in the lowering phase.




How are ground reaction forces related to running acceleration? 

 Key Findings: Among high level male sprinters, mean horizontal (anteroposterior) ground reaction force was strongly and positively associated with running acceleration across all steps of a maximal effort 60m sprint. Mean and peak vertical forces were moderately and negatively associated with running acceleration in the later steps of the sprint, likely because a more horizontal force vector is more advantageous for accelerating.

Practical Application: Retaining the ability to accelerate, while running at fast speeds, is key to faster sprinting. This rests on the ability to orient the force produced by the lower body in a horizontal rather than a vertical direction, and most likely requires high-velocity, concentric hip extension strength from exercises such as jump squats and kettlebell swings, and eccentric hamstrings strength from exercises such as Nordic curls.




Assessing the effects of individualized recovery periods between workouts

Key Findings: When using heart rate variability (HRV) to determine the duration of individualized recovery periods between workouts in untrained males, there was no difference in effects between the individualized training program and a similar program using fixed recovery periods between workouts. This may indicate that HRV is not an effective tool for identifying whether central nervous system fatigue (CNS) has dissipated after a workout.

Practical Application: HRV measurements are not suitable for assessing whether an athlete has recovered fully from a previous strength training workout. The most appropriate measure of recovery is likely to be the level of strength relative to the performance in the previous workout, although this reflects the extent of muscle damage and also the amount of CNS fatigue



(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)


Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in April 2019...

2-8: Ice hockey - Women's World Championship Division II Group A, Dumfries

4-7: Golf - ANA Inspiration, first women's major of the year, California

5-8: Cricket - opening round of County Championship matches

6: Horse racing - Grand National, Aintree

6-7: Football - FA Cup semi-finals, Wembley Stadium

6: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Argentina women v Great Britain women followed by Argentina men v Great Britain men, Rosario

7: Rowing - Boat Races, Putney, London

9: Football - Champions League quarter-finals, first legs - Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City and Liverpool v Porto

10: Football - Champions League quarter-finals, first legs - including Manchester United v Barcelona

11: Football - Europa League quarter-finals, first legs - including Arsenal v Napoli, Slavia Prague v Chelsea

11-14: Golf - The Masters, Augusta

13: Formula E - Rome, Italy

13-14: Football - Scottish Cup semi-finals

13-14: Rugby league - Challenge Cup fifth round

14: Formula 1 - Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai

16: Football - Champions League quarter-finals, second legs - including Barcelona v Manchester United

17: Football - Champions League quarter-finals, second legs - Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur and FC Porto v Liverpool

16-21: Swimming - British Championships, Glasgow

18: Football - Europa League quarter-finals, second legs - including Chelsea v Slavia Prague and Napoli v Arsenal

19-21: Rugby union - Champions Cup and Challenge Cup semi-finals

20-21: Football - Women's Champions League semi-final first legs

20-21: Tennis - Great Britain v Khazakhstan, Fed Cup World Group II play-offs

20 Apr-6 May: Snooker - World Championship, Sheffield

21-28: Table tennis - World Championships, Budapest, Hungary

24: Hockey - FIH Pro League: Germany women v Great Britain women, Monchenglabach

27: Formula E - Paris, France

27: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain women v United States, London

27-28: Football - Women's Champions League semi-final second legs

28: Formula 1 - Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Baku

28: Athletics - London Marathon

28: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Germany men v Great Britain men, Monchenglabach

30: Football - Champions League semi-finals, first leg


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