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Last Month | April 2019

-Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

-Weeks 1-5 SPS rugby union pre-season training.

-Ongoing strength and conditioning support for SPS rowing this month as they are competing in many races across the summer. 

-In-season programming for multiple cricket teams.

-In-season programming for multiple track and filed squads.

-Injury prevention oversight for SPS fencing team.

-Performance enhancement for Barnes Swimming Club elite squad.

-Individualised support and training management for our adventure and action sports clients.

-Continuing to work with new sports such as American football & volleyball.

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"Episode #16 | April 19 | "Chatting Major League Baseball with Clive Brewer"

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Blogs from the past month...

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Time Out

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Butternut squash soup

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BBQ Extras

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Share Expertise

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Wholewheat banana bread

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Indulgence Awareness

Indulgence Awareness

Development | Strength | Lunge | Backward | Level 5 | A to C | Progressions

Roasted vegetable mexican casserole

I Will Wait For You (Ben Pearce Remix) - SOULS, Ben Pearce

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...



Comparing the effects of high and low volume plyometric training

Key Findings: In male rugby athletes with experience of plyometric training, short-term plyometric programs improved reactive strength index (RSI) but not lower body stiffness. The improvements in RSI were statistically similar in low and high-volume programs, but tended to be greater after low-volume plyometric training. In contrast, changes in lower body stiffness tended to be greater after high-volume plyometric training.

 Practical Application: Although the RSI is widely used as a measure of stretch-shortening cycle function, it may well be comprised of two separate strength qualities (eccentric force and high-velocity concentric force) that can be trained separately. Low and high volumes of plyometric training may serve different purposes, depending on the strength quality that is required.




Assessing how focus of attention alters vertical stiffness and reactive strength

 Key Findings: When performing drop jumps, using an external focus of attention allowed college level, male athletes to display a significantly higher reactive strength index (RSI) and vertical stiffness. This was most likely due to the production of greater ground reaction forces, since ground contact times were not affected. An internal focus of attention had no effect.

Practical Application: Using an external focus of attention may enhance performance in drop jumps, although the exact cues used in this study may be more effective for increasing eccentric force and stretch-shortening cycle function, and less for high-velocity concentric force. Using different cues (or a different order or emphasis on the cues) may lead to different results.




 Comparing the rate of recovery after different types of workout

Key Findings: Strength training workouts that involve using light loads to muscular failure cause greater muscle damage and require a longer time to recover from than both a) workouts that involve training with heavy loads to muscular failure, or b) workouts that involve training with both heavy and light loads while avoiding muscular failure. These effects are likely caused by the greater metabolite accumulation with light loads.

Practical Application: Since muscle damage is the main factor that determines training frequency, it is likely that using heavy loads may allow a greater training frequency than using either moderate or light loads, when training to failure. This effect might be further enhanced by avoiding training to failure when using heavy loads.



(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)


Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in May 2019...

1: Football - Champions League semi-finals, first legs

1-5: Equestrian - Badminton Horse Trials

2: Football - Europa League semi-finals, first legs

2-5: Cycling - Tour de Yorkshire

3: Cricket - Ireland v England ODI, Malahide

3: Athletics - Diamond League, Doha, Qatar

3-4: Rugby union - Pro14 quarter-finals

3: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain women v China women, London

4: Football - Women's FA Cup final, Wembley Stadium

4: Hockey - FIH Pro League: Great Britain men v Spain men, London

5: Cricket - England v Pakistan Twenty20, Cardiff

5: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain men v Pakistan men, London

7-8: Football - Champions League semi-finals, second legs

8: Cricket - England v Pakistan first one-day international, The Oval

9: Football - Europa League semi-finals, second legs

10-26 May: Ice Hockey - Men's World Championship, Slovakia

11: Cricket- England v Pakistan, second one-day international, Southampton

11: Rugby union - European Champions Cup final, Newcastle

11: Formula E - Monaco

11-12: Athletics - World Relays, Yokohama, Japan

11-2 June: Cycling - Giro d'Italia

11-12: Cricket - One-Day Cup semi-finals

11-12: Rugby league - Challenge Cup sixth round

12: Formula 1 - Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona

12: Football - Premier League final round of matches

14: Cricket - England v Pakistan, third one-day international, Bristol

15-19: Taekwondo - World Championships, Manchester

16-19: Golf - US PGA Championship, Bethpage, New York

17: Cricket - England v Pakistan, fourth one-day international, Trent Bridge

17-18: Rugby union - Pro14 semi-finals

17-19: Diving - London World Series

18: Football - FA Cup final, Wembley Stadium

18: Football - Women's Champions League final, Budapest

18-19: Football - final round of Scottish Premiership matches

18: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain women v Argentina women followed by Great Britain men v Argentina men, London

19: BBL & WBBL Play-off finals, O2 Arena, London

19: Cricket - England v Pakistan, fifth one-day international, Headingley

19: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain women v Belgium women followed by Great Britain men v Belgium men, London

22: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Pakistan men v Great Britain men, Krefeld, Germany

24: Rugby union - Premiership semi-finals

25: Football - Scottish Cup final, Hampden Park

25: Rugby union - Pro14 final, Glasgow

25: Cricket - One-Day Cup final, Lord's

25: Formula E - Berlin, Germany

25: Athletics - Diamond League, Shanghai, China

25-27: Football - EFL play-offs, Wembley Stadium

25-26: Rugby league - Super League Magic Weekend, Liverpool

25 May-7 June: Motorsport - Isle of Man TT

26 May-9 June: Tennis - French Open, Paris

26: Formula 1 - Monaco Grand Prix

26: Motorsport - Indianapolis 500, Indiana, USA

29: Football - Europa League final, Baku, Azerbaijan

30 May-15 July - Cricket World Cup in England starts with England v South Africa, The Oval

30 May-2 June: Golf - US Women's Open, South Carolina

30: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Belgium women v Great Britain women followed by Belgium men v Great Britain men, Antwerp

30: Athletics - Diamond League, Stockholm

31: Horse racing - Oaks, Epsom


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