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 Last Month | May 2019

Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

Weeks 6-10 of SPS rugby union pre-season training.

Ongoing strength and conditioning support for SPS rowing this month after winning the NSR for a third year in a row and as they continue to compete in many races across the summer. 

In-season programming for multiple cricket teams.

In-season programming for multiple track and field squads.

Injury prevention oversight for SPS fencing team.

Performance enhancement for Barnes Swimming Club elite squad.

Individualised support and training management for our adventure and action sports clients.

Continuing to work with new sports such as American football & volleyball.

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Podcast of the month...

"Episode #17 | May 19 | "Chatting university, barbells, diving, health and wellbeing with Dave Hembrough"

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Blogs from the past month...

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Idea Belief

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...

1) Does eccentric overload training enhance gains in maximum strength?

Key Findings: In untrained males, heavy leg press strength training with and without eccentric overload seems to produce similar changes in maximum (concentric) strength, high-velocity strength (countermovement jump height), rate of force development (RFD), and corticospinal excitability.

 Practical Application: For athletes who need to be able to exert very high forces at slow speeds, such as powerlifters and strongman competitors, eccentric overload and eccentric-only strength training are probably not necessary for enhancing the ability to recruit high-threshold motor units. Using very heavy loads in normal strength training is probably sufficient.


2) Can plyometric warm-ups enhance change of direction performance? 

 Key Findings: Change of direction (COD) performance can be temporarily enhanced by using a post-activation potentiation (PAP) effect warm-up that increases vertical stiffness, and greater vertical stiffness seems to be somewhat related to faster COD performance. Yet, only PAP effect warm-ups that trained each leg separately enhanced COD ability, even though both two-leg and single-leg PAP warm-ups enhanced vertical stiffness.

Practical Application: COD performance seems to be enhanced by increasing vertical stiffness, which can be achieved through plyometric training. Single-leg plyometric training programs often involve greater forces, because they support the same bodyweight through one limb instead of two limbs. Therefore, single-leg plyometric training may be better than two-leg plyometric training for enhancing COD performance.


3) Metabolic stress caused by strength training and sprint interval cycling

Key Findings: Among highly-trained male cyclists with strength-training experience, a sprint cycling workout involves far more metabolic stress and higher ratings of perceived exertion than a heavy strength training workout, while the heavy strength training workout causes a greater amount of muscle damage and soreness.

Practical Application: It is unlikely that methods that deliberately increase metabolite accumulation will have a meaningful effect on muscle growth, unless the fatigue that occurs also leads to a meaningful reduction in movement velocity (and therefore muscle fibre contraction velocity).


(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)


Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in June 2019...

1: Football - Champions League final, Madrid, Spain

1: Boxing - Anthony Joshua defends his world heavyweight titles, New York

1: Rugby union - Premiership final, Twickenham

1: Horse Racing - Epsom Derby

1: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Netherlands women v Great Britain women, Eindhoven

1-2: Rugby league - Challenge Cup quarter-finals

2: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Netherlands men v Great Britain men, Eindhoven

3: Cricket - World Cup, England v Pakistan, Trent Bridge

5: Football - Nations League semi-final, Portugal v Switzerland Porto

6: Football - Nations League semi-final, Netherlands v England, Guimaraes

6: Cricket - England v West Indies, first women's one-day international, Leicester

6: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain men v Germany men, London

6: Athletics - Diamond League, Rome

7: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain women v Germany women, London

7: Football - Euro 2020 qualifying, Denmark v Republic of Ireland, venue TBC

7 Jun-7 July: Football - Women's World Cup, France

8: Cricket World Cup - England v Bangladesh, Cardiff

8: Football - Euro 2020 qualifying, Estonia v Northern Ireland; Croatia v Wales; Scotland v Iceland

9: Football - Nations League final, Porto and third place play-off, Guimaraes

9: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain women v Australia women followed by Great Britain men v Australia men, London

9: Cricket - England v West Indies, second women's one-day international, Worcester

9: Formula 1 - Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal

9: Triathlon - World Triathlon Series, Leeds

10: Football - Euro 2020 qualifying, Republic of Ireland v Gibraltar

10-15: Cycling - Women's Tour of Britain

11: Football - Euro 2020 qualifying, Belarus v Northern Ireland; Belgium v Scotland, Hungary v Wales

13: Cricket - England v West Indies, third women's one-day international, Chelmsford

13-16: Golf - US Open, Pebble Beach, California

13: Athletics - Bislett Games, Diamond League, Oslo

14: Cricket - World Cup, England v West Indies, Southampton

14: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain men v Netherlands men, London

14 June-7 July: Football - Copa America, Brazil

14-30: European Games (multi-sport event), Minsk, Belarus

14-16: Canoe slalom - World Cup series, London

15: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain women v Netherlands women, London

15 June-13 July: Football - Africa Cup of Nations, Egypt

15: Triathlon - World Mixed Relay, Nottingham

15-16: Motorsport - Le Mans 24 Hours, Circuit de la Sarthe, France

16-30: Football - European Under-21 Championship, Italy and San Marino

16: Athletics - Diamond League, Rabat. Morocco

17-23: Tennis - Queen's Club Championships, London

18: Cricket - World Cup - England v Afghanistan, Old Trafford

18: Cricket - England v West Indies, first women's Twenty20 international, Northampton

18-22: Horse racing - Royal Ascot

20-23: Golf - Women's PGA Championship, Hazeltine

20-23: Karate - World Championship, Slovakia

21: Cricket - World Cup - England v Sri Lanka, Headingley

21: Cricket - England v West Indies, second women's Twenty20 international, Northampton

22: Formula E - Bern, Switzerland

23: Hockey - FIH Pro League, Great Britain women v New Zealand women followed by Great Britain men v New Zealand men, London

23: Formula 1 - French Grand Prix, Le Castellet

23-30: Tennis - Eastbourne International

25: Cricket - World Cup - England v Australia, Lord's

25: Cricket - England v West Indies, third women's Twenty20 international, Derby

27 June-7 July: Basketball - Women's EuroBasket, Serbia and Latvia

28: Rugby union - Women's Rugby Super Series, England v United States, San Diego

28 June-7 July: Beach volleyball - World Championships, Hamburg 

28 June-7 July: Wheelchair basketball - Women's European Wheelchair Basketball Championship, Rotterdam, Netherlands

29: Hockey - Women's Pro League final, Amsterdam, Netherlands

29-30: Baseball - Major League Baseball: Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees, London Stadium

30: Hockey - Men's Pro League final, Amsterdam, Netherlands

30: Cricket - World Cup - England v India, Edgbaston

30: Formula 1 - Austrian Grand Prix, Spielberg

30: Athletics - Diamond League, Eugene, Stanford, United States


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