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 Last Month | June 2019

Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

Weeks 6-10 of SPS rugby union pre-season training.

Ongoing strength and conditioning support for SPS rowing this month as they prepare for their final race of the season at Henley Royal Regatta.

In-season programming for multiple cricket teams.

In-season programming for multiple track and field squads.

Injury prevention oversight for SPS fencing team.

Performance enhancement for Barnes Swimming Club elite squad.

Individualised support and training management for our adventure and action sports clients.

Continuing to work with new sports such as American football, volleyball and various forms of dance!

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Podcast of the month...

"Episode #18 | June 19 | "Chatting teaching and physiology with Gary Peters"

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Blogs from the past month...

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Maximise Concentration

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Hay-Fever Survival

Hay-Fever Survival

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Travel Regularly

Travel Regularly

Profiling | Movement screening | Ankle | Progressions

Steak summer salad

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...

1) Is “muscle memory” caused by the retention of myonuclei?

Key Findings: A 20-week detraining period caused the loss of all the gains in muscle size, but less than half of the gains in strength were achieved by 10 weeks of training. A subsequent 5-week retraining period caused the original gains in strength and muscle size to be fully regained, suggesting more rapid adaptations than occurred in the original training block. However, the gains in a contralateral, previously-untrained limb were similar.

 Practical Application: Increases in the ability to recruit high-threshold motor units may better explain the “muscle memory” effect than increases in myonuclei and the retention of these myonuclei during detraining, since the cross-education effect appears to trigger the “muscle memory” effect and while contralateral, untrained muscles do not tend to increase in size when an ipsilateral limb is trained, they do increase voluntary activation.


2) Comparing the effects of different plyometric training programs 

 Key Findings: In elite hockey athletes, a plyometric (drop jump) training program that involves a relatively high drop landing that increases over the course of the program is effective for increasing short distance sprint running ability. However, a similar program that involves a lower drop landing with an increasing jump height is not effective.

Practical Application: Plyometric training may enhance athletic performance measures that involve very high-velocity stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) function to a greater extent than those that involve slower-velocity SSC function, even when the slower speed movements involve a greater requirement for eccentric force production to bring about deceleration.


3) Investigating strength training that leads to non-functional overreaching

Key Findings: When they follow a high-frequency, high-volume, strength training program involving short rest periods that causes metabolic stress (as indicated by increases in blood lactate), male Wistar rats experience muscle atrophy, despite increasing type II MHC isoforms and decreasing type I MHC isoforms. This muscle atrophy is accompanied by increases in blood corticosterone levels, indicating elevated systemic stress.

Practical Application: Non-functional overreaching (often called overtraining) could result from excessive training volume, frequency, and metabolic stress, which together lead to reduced muscle size because of muscle damage and catabolic effects mediated by glucocorticoids. While non-functional overreaching is often thought to involve only a plateau in strength gains, it might also involve muscle atrophy.


(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)



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Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in July 2019...

1-14: Tennis - Wimbledon

2: Cricket - England v Australia, first Women's ODI, Leicester

3: Cricket World Cup - England v New Zealand, Chester-le-Street

4: Cricket - England v Australia, second women's one-day international, Leicester

5: Athletics - Diamond League, Lausanne, Switzerland

6: Rugby union - Women's Rugby World Series, Canada v England, San Diego

6-28: Cycling - Tour de France

6-7: Motorcycling - World Superbikes, Donington

7: Cricket - England v Australia, third women's one-day international, Canterbury

7: Football - Women's World Cup final, France

9: Cricket - World Cup - first semi-final, Old Trafford

10: Rugby union - Women's Rugby World Series, England v France, San Diego

11: Cricket - World Cup - second semi-final, Edgbaston

12-14: Formula 1 - British Grand Prix, Silverstone

12-21: Netball - World Cup, Liverpool; England v Uganda

12-28: Aquatics - World Championships, South Korea

12: Athletics - Diamond League, Monaco

13: Netball - World Cup, England v Scotland

13-14: Formula E - New York, USA

14: Cricket - World Cup final, Lord's

14: Netball - World Cup, England v Samoa

14: Rugby union - Women's Rugby World Series, New Zealand v England, San Diego

15: Netball - World Cup, Group matches including England

15-23: Fencing - World Championships, Budapest

17: Netball - World Cup, Group matches including England

18: Netball - World Cup, Group matches including England

18-21: Cricket - England v Australia, women's Test, Taunton

18-21: Golf - The Open, Royal Portrush

20: Netball - World Cup semi-finals

20-21: Athletics - Anniversary Games, Diamond League, London

21: Netball - World Cup final

23-28: Cycling - BMX World Championships, Belgium

24-28: Cricket - England v Ireland Test, Lord's

25: Horse Racing - The Series starts

25-28: Golf - Evian Championship, Evian-les-Bains

26: Cricket - England v Australia, first women's Twenty20 international, Hove

27-28: Rugby league - Challenge Cup semi-finals

27: Horse racing - King George VI & Queen Elizabeth Stakes, Ascot

28: Formula 1 - German Grand Prix, Hockenheim

28: Cricket - England v Australia, second women's Twenty20 international, Chelmsford

30-3 Aug: Horse racing - Glorious Goodwood

31: Cricket - England v Australia, third women's Twenty20 international, Bristol


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