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 Last Month | July 2019

Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

Weeks 10-15 of SPS rugby union pre-season training.

Ongoing strength and conditioning support for SPS rowing.

In-season programming for multiple cricket teams.

Off-season programming for multiple track and field squads..

Performance enhancement for Barnes Swimming Club elite squad.

Individualised support and training management for our adventure and action sports clients.

Continuing to work with new sports such as American football, volleyball and various forms of dance!

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"Episode #19 | July 19 | "Chatting the key components of health and wellbeing in life that lead to flow with Richard Husseiny"

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Blogs from the past month...

Review Process

Review Process

Profiling | Work capacity | Single leg | Progressions

Moroccan turkey stuffed peppers

Nowhere To Go (Dom Dolla Remix) - Hayden James, NAATIONS, Dom Dolla

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Assistance Resistance

Assistance Resistance

Profiling | Work capacity | Hip hinge | Progressions

Steak w. raw spinach, cherry tomato & green pepper salad

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Holding Nerve

Holding Nerve

Profiling | Work capacity | Squat | Progressions

Summer sausage salad

I Only Lie When I Love You - Royal Blood

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Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect

Profiling | Movement screening | Shoulder| Progressions

Roasted harissa cauliflower steaks

Learn To Loose (feat. Alex Clare) - Alle Farben Remix

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Catch Up

Catch Up

Profiling | Movement screening | Pull | Progressions

BBQ leftover salad

Sweet Disposition (Bootleg) - The Temper Trap, Youngr

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...

1) Assessing the cross-over effects of central nervous system fatigue 

Key Findings: After fatiguing exercise for the ipsilateral index finger, fatigue was detected in both the contralateral index finger and the contralateral biceps brachii muscles. Even so, the changes were smaller in the contralateral biceps brachii than in the contralateral index finger. It seems that non-local muscle fatigue occurs in directly corresponding contralateral muscles and also in other muscles of the same contralateral limb.

 Practical Application:  Since non-local fatigue is likely mainly caused by factors in the central nervous system (CNS), the fatigue in untrained muscles is likely CNS fatigue. Therefore, exercises that are done later in a workout may suffer from CNS fatigue, even when they involve different muscle groups from those done earlier. Similarly, using supersets and circuits may not circumvent the problem of CNS fatigue when using short rest periods. Even so, the effect may be greatest when using corresponding muscle groups, such as when doing single-leg training with one leg after the other.


 2) Assessing muscular contributions to change of direction tasks

 Key Findings: During performance of a sidestep cutting manuever, the quadriceps play key roles in horizontal braking (but not propulsion), vertical support, and mediolateral redirection. The hip extensors play a key role primarily in horizontal propulsion, with more minor roles in vertical support, and mediolateral redirection. The gastrocnemius has a key role at the end of the stance phase in propulsion, support, and redirection.

Practical Application: Eccentric strength training for the quadriceps (such as by using flywheel squats or reverse Nordic curls) is likely to be very effective for improving change of direction ability, along with high-velocity, concentric hip extension strength training (such as by using jump squats or kettlebell swings).


3) Assessing the effects of light load training with blood flow restriction

Key Findings: In untrained subjects, light load training with blood flow restriction (BFR) causes the same increases in myofibrillar protein synthesis rates, ribosomal biogenesis as traditional, moderate load training without BFR. Contrary to some previous reports, there was no increase in either myonuclear number or satellite cell number after light load training with BFR, nor was there any preferential increase in type I muscle fiber size.

Practical Application: Light load training with BFR causes the same increases in muscle size as moderate load strength training without BFR, and for the same reasons, without differences in fiber type-specific hypertrophy. Therefore, light load training with BFR can be used as a replacement to light or moderate load training without BFR for increasing muscle size. However, for increasing maximum strength, moderate or heavy loads are preferable.


(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)



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Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in August 2019...

1-4: Golf - Women's British Open, Woburn

1-5: Cricket - England v Australia, first Ashes Test, Edgbaston

4: Formula 1 - Hungarian Grand Prix, Budapest

4: Football - Community Shield, Manchester City v Liverpool, Wembley

9-11: Football - Premier League season starts

10: Rugby union - Ireland v Italy, Aviva Stadium

11: Rugby union - England v Wales, Twickenham

14-18: Cricket - England v Australia, second Ashes Test, Lord's

14: Football - Uefa European Super Cup, Istanbul

16-25: Hockey - Euro Championships, Antwerp

17: Rugby union - Wales v England, Principality Stadium; France v Scotland, Allianz Riviera

18: Athletics - Birmingham Grand Prix, Diamond League

19-25: Badminton - World Championships, Basel, Switzerland

21-25: Canoeing - Sprint World Championships, Szeged, Hungary

22-26: Cricket - England v Australia, third Ashes Test, Headingley

24: Rugby union - England v Ireland, Twickenham; Scotland v France, Murrayfield

24: Rugby league - Challenge Cup final, Wembley

24: Athletics - Diamond League, Paris, France

24 Aug-15 Sept: Cycling - Tour of Spain

25: Motorsport- British MotoGP, Silverstone

25 Aug-1 Sept: Rowing - World Championships, Austria

25 Aug-1 Sept: Judo - World Championships, Tokyo

26 Aug-9 Sept: Tennis - US Open, New York

28 Aug-1 Sept: Cycling - Mountain Bike World Championships, Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada

28 Aug-8 Sept: Wheelchair basketball - Men's European Championship, Walbrzych, Poland

29: Athletics - Diamond League, Zurich, Switzerland

30 Aug-22 Sept: Cricket - European Cricket League 

31: Rugby union - Wales v Ireland, Principality Stadium; Georgia v Scotland, Tbilisi

31 Aug-15 Sept: Basketball - World Cup, China


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