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 Last Month | October 2019

Founder & CEO, Ryan Blake, recently set up an executive fitness community for working professionals from all industries who love to participate in exercise and sport across all levels. The 4 key pillars of the group are movement, energy, health and mindfulness in order to help improve all aspects of performance when training, competing, working and living. If this sounds like something for you then join for free here! 

Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

SPS rugby union in-season programs.

Ongoing strength and conditioning support for SPS rowing.

Off-season programming for multiple track and field squads.

Performance enhancement for Barnes Swimming Club elite squad.

Individualised support and training management for our action, adventure and freestyle sports athletes.

One-to-one rehabilitation phases for clients with challenging injuries!

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"Episode #22 | November 19 | "Chatting old school training & working with youth athletes with Steve Green"

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Blogs from the past month...

Rugby World Cup Final

Rugby World Cup Final

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Balsamic tuna w. leafy grains

Hurts My Heart - White Lies

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Pilates Power

Pilates Power

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Travel Time

Travel Time

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Californian burrito

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Character Differences

Character Differences

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Full fat yogurt w. mixed summer berries

Illusions - Jack Wilby

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General Overview

General Overview

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Mexican beef casserole

Windowlicker - Aphex Twin

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...  

#1] Comparing the fatiguing effects of different exercise intensities

 Key Findings: In untrained males, the intensity of a fatiguing bout of exercise affects the relative reductions in maximum isometric strength, maximum dynamic strength, maximum velocity, and power, but reductions in rate of force development are not so affected. Isometric strength is reduced more after high and moderate intensity exercise than after maximum effort exercise, which produces the greatest reductions in velocity and power.

 Practical Application:  Fatigue differs depending on the type of test used to measure it, and depending on the types of exercise performed. Measurements of power output will identify short-duration, maximal effort exercise as producing the greatest fatigue, while isometric strength tests will identify longer duration but still high intensity exercise as producing more fatigue. Underlying mechanisms of fatigue likely influence the differences between tests.  


#2] Reducing force-velocity imbalances enhances jumping ability 

  Key Findings: In well trained team sports athletes, an individualised training program based on removing the force-velocity imbalance can enhance jumping performance, even while decreasing maximum theoretical force in some subjects and decreasing maximum theoretical velocity in others. This shows that the optimal force-velocity profile has a large influence on the performance of sporting movements.

Practical Application: Profiling athletes and then providing training based on those profiles may produce superior gains in athletic performance compared to traditional mixed training methods. However, we should not assume that optimal force-velocity profiles in vertical jumping are also optimal for sprinting, which involves a much faster set of joint movements.


#3] Assessing the accuracy of repetitions in reserve

Key Findings: When strength trained subjects estimate the number of reps that they have in reserve before reaching failure, the accuracy of this estimate is determined mainly by the proximity to failure at the point of making the assessment. However, at the same point in the set, self-reported fatigue is not as closely associated with the actual number of reps in reserve before reaching failure.

 Practical Application: Estimated reps in reserve (RIR) made during a set are typically accurate to within one rep if the estimate is made within 5 reps of muscular failure. This level of accuracy is likely to provide a more standardized proximity to failure (and therefore intensity) compared to an arbitrary, submaximal number of reps prescribed with a percentage of 1RM, or a rating of self-reported fatigue. 

(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)



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Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in November 2019...

1 Nov-3 Dec: Cricket - England tour of New Zealand

2: Rugby union - World Cup final, Yokohama

2: Rugby league - Great Britain v New Zealand, first Test, Auckland

3: Cricket - New Zealand v England, second T20, Wellington

3: Formula 1 - United States Grand Prix, Austin

5: Cricket - New Zealand v England, third T20, Nelson

7-15: Para-athletics - World Championships, Dubai

8-10: Cycling - Track Cycling World Cup, Glasgow

8: Cricket - New Zealand v England, fourth T20, Napier

9: Rugby league - Great Britain v New Zealand, second Test, Christchurch

9: Football - Women's friendly, England v Germany, Wembley Stadium

9-10: Tennis - Fed Cup final

10: Cricket - New Zealand v England, fifth T20, Auckland

11-17: Tennis - ATP Finals, London

14: Football - Euro 2020 qualifying, England v Montenegro, Wembley Stadium

15: Rugby union - European Champions Cup starts

16: Rugby league - Great Britain v Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby 

16: Football - Euro 2020 qualifying, Northern Ireland v Netherlands; Azerbaijan v Wales; Cyprus v Scotland

17: Football - Euro 2020 qualifying, Kosovo v England

17: Formula 1 - Brazilian Grand Prix, Sao Paulo

18: Football - Euro 2020 qualifying, Republic of Ireland v Denmark

18-24: Tennis - Davis Cup, Madrid

19: Football - Euro 2020 qualifying, Germany v Northern Ireland; Wales v Hungary; Scotland v Kazakhstan

20-25: Cricket - New Zealand v England, first Test, Mount Maunganui

21-24: Golf - DP World Tour Championship, Dubai

23-23: Swimming - International Swimming League, London leg

26 Nov-8 Dec: Snooker - UK Championship, York

28 Nov-1 Dec: Trampoline - World Championships, Japan

28 Nov-2 Dec: Cricket - New Zealand v England, second Test, Hamilton


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