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This month has been an incredibly busy one for us. We have finally launched our new website that has been a challenging project and really hope you like what we've come up with. There is so much more to come and so many additional features that we hope you will enjoy!


Throughout January 2018 we have been:

-Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualification courses with strength and conditioning education (Find out more here!)

-Preparing rowers for races throughout the almost every weekend this month in London, the South East and South West.

-Commencing in-season football programs for league and cup teams.

-Starting rugby 7's pre-season national and youth olympic programs for the months ahead.

-Combining pre-season endurance training with net practice for youth cricket players.

-Continuing to support track and filed athletes for the next 3 months of indoor national competition.

-Working with some new sports such as Aikido, Ultimate Frisbee & Water Polo.

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Podcast of the month...

"Jan 18 | Introduction to www.extremsportsperformance.com and getting to know more about founder and CEO Ryan Blake"

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Blogs from the past month...

Take Pride


Take Pride

Strength | Development specific | Single leg | Squat progression | Level 1

Grilled white fish tacos with soft lettuce wraps, peppered corn, roasted peppers, red chilli & quark coated cabbage slaw

Be The One (Netsky Remix) - Dua Lipa, Netsky

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Don't Assume


Don't Assume

Strength | Development specific | Single leg | Split squat progression | Level 1

Turkey laska with chilli egg noodles, red pepper, cucumber & lime

Life In Letters - Pierce Fulton

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Controlling Chaos


Controlling Chaos

Strength | Development specific | Single leg | Step up progression | Level 1

Grilled paprika chicken with sweetcorn, cherry tomato, red onion & patron pepper salad topped with olive oil, lime, honey & balsamic dressing

Hands (Samaran Remix) - Point Point, Denai Moore, Samaran

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Master Planning


Master Planning

Strength | Development specific | Hip hinge progression | Level 1

Chickpea, kale, carrot. yellow pepper, apple, avocado & quinoa salad topped with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon & black pepper dressing

Young Lovers - Kita Menari

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Don't Rush


Don't Rush

Strength | Development specific | Squat progression | Level 1

Baked white fish w. sweet potato & charred asparagus

Shine Like The Sun (Nu:Logic Remix) - Thomas Oliver

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Research of the month... 

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...


How can training adaptations be monitored in Olympic weightlifters? 

Aim: Assessing changes in maximum isometric strength plus isometric rate of force development during 20-weeks of an olympic weightlifting training program

Methods: 7 olympic weightlifters followed a 20-week block periodisation program for Olympic weightlifting | 4 days per week, with twice daily training | Comprising 3-5 week training blocks interspersed with short periods of active rest | Local competition just before the start of the program, a mock competition in week 7, a key competition in week 11, and a local competition in week 20 | They tapered before the key competition in week 11 | Measures of isometric strength and rate of force development were taken 6 times, twice a week, over the 20 weeks

Findings: Measurable changes in maximum isometric mid-thigh pull force and rate of force development | Males display larger changes in strength and rate of force development than females | These variables might be useful for measuring readiness and training adaptations in lifters 

Practical Applications: During a long-term strength training program the isometric mid-thigh pull might be useful for tracking training adaptations and fatigue/ readiness | Beneficial to incorporate in to blocks of higher volume training for athletes who can gain muscle mass 




Why does competitive soccer cause long-lasting muscular fatigue? 

Aim: Measure central and peripheral aspects of fatigue related to strength reductions after competitive soccer matches and how long they take to recover

Methods: 90-minute competitive soccer match with a 15-minute half time break | Knee extension strength and central peripheral factors that affect strength were measured before, immediately after the match and 24- 48-72 hours post

Findings: Lower body strength is only recovered at 72 hours after, including both central and peripheral fatigue | Self-reported muscle soreness and creatine kinase levels were elevated up to 72 hours after, suggesting muscle damage | Counter-movement jump height was reduced and recover at 48 hours after

Practical Applications: Coaches should consider methods for reducing muscle damage occurring during match play, particularly during fast decelerations that involve eccentric contractions of the quadriceps, to reduce longer term post-match fatigue | Using only eccentric contractions in strength training for the quadriceps may help




Can protein supplementation help accelerate post-workout recovery? 

 Aim: Assessing the effects of whey protein hydrolysate supplementation on markers of post-exercise muscle damage

Methods: 20 physically active females did a workout of 15 x 30m sprints with 60s rest between sprints | Each one included a 10m fast deceleration | Subjects consumed 40g of isocaloric carbohydrate or whey protein post workout and 40g of isocaloric carbohydrate or whey protein for the following | For 1 day before and the 4 testing days, subjects were provided with a diet ensuring that protein and carbohydrate in the main meals were the same in both groups |  The whey protein group therefore consumed more protein than the carbohydrate group (1.8 ± 0.2 vs. 1.3 ± 0.2g per kg of bodyweight per day) when including the supplement

Findings: Muscle function in drop jumps improved, but not in countermovement jumps, and recovery of exibility improved when 40g of whey protein per day was consumed post-workout and for 3 days after | These improvements likely occurred because of accelerated muscle damage repair, indicated by faster recovery of creatine kinase levels 

Practical Applications: A higher protein intake may achieve faster strength recovery from the exercise when athletes are taking part in damaging exercise / sport involving deceleration from high-speed running



(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)


Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in February 2018...

1: Rugby league - Super League season starts

2-4: Tennis - Davis Cup World Group - Spain v Great Britain

3: Rugby union - Six Nations - Wales v Scotland, France v Ireland

4: Rugby union - Six Nations - Italy v England

4: American football - Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis, Minnesota

7: Cricket - Australia v England, T20 tri-series, Hobart

9-25: Winter sport - Winter Olympics, Pyeongchang, South Korea

10: Cricket - Australia v England, T20 tri-series, Melbourne

10: Rugby union - Six Nations - Ireland v Italy, England v Wales

11: Rugby union - Six Nations - Scotland v France

13-14: Football - Champions League last 16 first legs

14: Cricket - New Zealand v England, T20 tri-series, Wellington

16-17: Football - FA Cup fifth round

16: Rugby league - World Club Challenge - Melbourne Storm v Leeds, Australia

17: Rugby league - World Club Series - South Sydney v Wigan & St George Illawarra v Hull, Australia

17: Boxing - World Boxing Super Series semi-final: George Groves v Chris Eubank Jr, Manchester Arena

17-18: Athletics - British Indoor Championships, Birmingham 

18: Cricket - New Zealand v England, T20 tri-series, Hamilton

20-21: Football - Champions League last 16 first legs

21: Cricket - T20 tri-series final, Auckland

22-25: Table tennis - Team World Cup, London

23: Rugby union - Six Nations - France v Italy

24: Rugby union - Six Nations - Ireland v Wales, Scotland v England

25: Football - EFL Cup final, Wembley

25: Cricket - New Zealand v England, 1st ODI, Hamilton (d/n)

25: Athletics - Glasgow Indoor Grand Prix

28: Cricket - New Zealand v England, 2nd ODI, Mount Maunganui (d/n)

28 Feb-4 Mar: Cycling - Track World Championships, Netherlands


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