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 Last Month | December 2019

Founder & CEO, Ryan Blake, recently set up an executive fitness community for working professionals from all industries who love to participate in exercise and sport across all levels. The 4 key pillars of the group are movement, energy, health and mindfulness in order to help improve all aspects of performance when training, competing, working and living. If this sounds like something for you then join for free here! 

Running L4 strength and conditioning coach qualifications and youth strength and conditioning coach courses with strength and conditioning education.

Pre-season plan for SPS football in full flow.

SPS rugby union in-season programs.

Ongoing strength and conditioning support for SPS rowing.

Off-season programming for multiple track and field squads.

Performance enhancement for Barnes Swimming Club elite squad.

Individualised support and training management for our youth, action, adventure, freestyle, endurance & combat athletes.

One-to-one rehabilitation phases for clients with challenging injuries!

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"Episode #24 | December 19 | "Chatting secrets of success from junior to olympic rowing with Bobby Thatcher"

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Blogs from the past month...

Chip In

Chip In

Development | Recovery | Develop | Level 5 | Stages A to E | Progressions

Turkey steak patties w. spicy scrambled egg

Black & Blue (Lost Frequencies Sunrise Club Mix) - Lost Frequencies, Mokita

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Festive Routine

Festive Routine

Development | Recovery | Mobilise | Level 5 | Stages A to E | Progressions

Smoked salmon & cream cheese toasted wholewheat muffin

Always Rushing - Roland Tings, Mild Minds

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Habit Formation

Habit Formation

Development | Recovery | Release | Level 5 | Stages A to E | Progressions

Vegetarian sausage & tomato omlette

You And Me As One - Sigma, Jack Savoretti

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Lay In

Lay In

Development | Recovery | Develop | Level 1 | Stages A to E | Progressions

Cajun fish, peppers & rice

Kyle (I Found You) - Fred Again

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Push Back

Push Back

Development | Recovery | Mobilise | Level 1 | Stages A to E | Progressions

Tofu, broccoli, carrot & hoisin stir fry

Changes - The Policy, Tessa Rose Jackson

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Research of the month...

Our top 3 strength and conditioning research studies this month...  

#1] Effect of lowering speed on lifting speed in squats and bench presses

Key Findings: In strength-trained males, fast eccentric phases in stretch-shortening cycle exercises produced faster concentric bar speeds with 60% and 80% of 1RM than slow and self-selected eccentric phases, without altering the exercise range of motion or the rating of perceived exertion. Even so, slow eccentric phases did not produce slower concentric bar speeds compared to self-selected eccentric phases.

 Practical Application: Slightly faster eccentric bar speeds (compared to a self-selected eccentric bar speed) seem to enhance concentric bar speeds. However, it is unclear how this effect is produced, and therefore it is unknown how doing this during a workout would affect long-term adaptations. Muscle fibres adapt in response to the stimuli that they experience, not in response to the external forces or velocities that are achieved.

#2] Vertical jumps with different countermovement depths and speeds

  Key Findings: In strength-trained subjects, countermovement depth and velocity both affect the performance of the jumping phase. A faster countermovement velocity caused greater force, power, and velocity (but not jump height) than a self-selected countermovement velocity. A shallower countermovement caused greater force (but not jump height) than a self-selected countermovement, and a different shaped force-time curve.

Practical Application:  Self-selected countermovement depths likely allow maximal vertical jump heights, with a relatively small margin of error, although deeper countermovement depths may ultimately allow superior performances to be attained. Shallower countermovement depths certainly lead to inferior performances. Faster countermovement velocities enhance some characteristics of vertical jumps, but may not actually improve jump heights. 

#3] Protein requirements of strength trained males on a training day 

Key Findings: In strength-trained males with a habitual protein intake of 2.3g per kg of bodyweight per day, a protein intake of 2.0g per kg of bodyweight per day maximised the anabolic response to a strength training workout. This value is at the upper end of the range of current protein intake recommendations for athletes, and the reasons for this novel finding are unclear. 

 Practical Application: Current guidelines regarding daily protein intakes for strength-trained males during strength training are approximately 1.6g per kg of bodyweight per day. However, this study suggests that slightly higher intakes may be helpful. Moreover, protein intakes may benefit from being higher when workout programs are very damaging and/or individuals are in periods of caloric restriction.

(All information referenced from Strength & Conditioning Research)



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Sports calendar of the month...

Our favourite events coming up in January 2020...

4-6: Football - FA Cup third round

3-12: Tennis - ATP Cup, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney, Australia

3-7: Cricket - South Africa v England second Test, Cape Town

4-12: Darts - BDO World Professional Championships, Lakeside

7: Football - Carabao Cup semi-final first leg: Manchester United v Manchester City

8: Football - Carabao Cup semi-final first leg: Leicester v Aston Villa

12-19: Snooker - the Masters, Alexandra Palace, London

16-20: Cricket - South Africa v England third Test, Port Elizabeth

18: Mixed martial arts - UFC 246: Conor McGregor v Donald Cerrone, Las Vegas

19: American football - NFL Championship games

19: Netball - Nations Cup: England v New Zealand, Nottingham

20 Jan-2 Feb: Tennis - Australian Open, Melbourne

22: Netball - Nations Cup: England v South Africa, Birmingham

22-26: Table tennis - World Team Olympic Qualification Event, Gondomar, Portugal

24-27: Football - FA Cup fourth round

24-28: Cricket - South Africa v England fourth Test, Johannesburg

25: Netball - Nations Cup: England v Jamaica, London

26: Netball - Nations Cup final, London

28: Football - Carabao Cup semi-final second leg: Aston Villa v Leicester

29: Football - Carabao Cup semi-final second leg: Manchester City v Manchester United

30: Rugby league - start of Super League season: Wigan v Warrington

30 Jan-2 Feb: Para-cycling - Track World Championship, Milton, Canada

31: Football - Transfer deadline day

31: Cricket - India v England women's T20 tri-series, Canberra


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