Clients we currently and have previously worked with include:

  • Over 500+ youth athletes across 20 different sports
  • Numerous recreational multi-sport athletes
  • Various independent elite athletes
  • St Paul’s School, London
  • Strength & Conditioning Education
  • British Cycling
  • England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB)
  • Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)
  • Badminton England
  • Rugby Football Union (RFU)
  • British Water Ski & Wakeboard



Cameron Price | Elite tennis player

“ESP have been overseeing my physical training program since I was 10 years old. Over the last 10 years the Ryan has adjusted the program to meet the changing needs of a growing junior tennis player. The attention to detail on the recovery & prehab side of the program has enabled me to consistently improve my strength & conditioning with minimal injuries over the years. Their knowledge & organisation has been invaluable to the program allowing the training to fit with my tournament schedule so I am in a physically optimal condition to compete.”


VG Unnithan | Father of Raul Unnithan, junior cricket player

“Ryan, founder & director of ESP has been my son Raul’s strength & conditioning coach since September 2017. In the first session I distinctly recall him making my son feel completely at ease, it felt like we had known him for years. They are passionate about fitness & it shows through the energy & enthusiasm they bring to every session. They are easy going & have friendly personalities which creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere with excellent advice. Most importantly they encourage my son to enjoy what he does & at the same time challenging himself to continually improve his fitness which has resulted in improvement in this cricket over the last 18 months. I am extremely glad we found Ryan & ESP, I cannot recommend them highly enough.”


Phil Gaydon | American Football Player

“Working with ESP has been a deeply positive experience.  They are professional, personable, knowledgeable & highly attentive to individual needs. Finding good trainers with good programs in this day & age can be like shopping amongst wild west snake oils & elixirs, but they have delivered exactly what they said they would & I already feel stronger and healthier.”


Roxanna Roman | Head Coach – Barnes Swimming Club

I have been working with Ryan & ESP since September 2018. I cannot praise them highly enough. They have found an excellent balance of theoretical training & practical coaching, which has provided me with material improvements for my swimmers. They have given Barnes Swimming Club athletes a lot to think about, especially the skills to be more productive with their training. At the start, all the swimmers were observed, tested & advised how to individually develop in the sport. Subsequent training was then matched to their capabilities, showing them how build progression.”


Nigel Briers | Director of Sport – St Paul’s School | Ex-professional cricket player

“ESP have been an outstanding acquisition for St Paul’s School, heading up the Strength & Conditioning program. Their impact has been immense throughout all year groups irrespective of physical ability & the ethos of the School in respect of strength & conditioning as well as health & well-being has changed drastically. They have a first-rate work ethic, a strong eye for detail, are incredibly well organised & have a relaxed but purposeful relationship with boys & staff. They are highly professional in their approach, thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, punctual & very reliable. Their ability & willingness to work within a team of specialist sports & physical educationalists is excellent & they communicate exceptionally well.  They are dynamic in their approach, respectful & humble despite being experts in their own field.”


James Blurton | Director of Rugby – St Paul’s School

“ESP have provided outstanding support to the SPS rugby programme. This support has mainly come through S&C, but also medically, professionally & as all round helpful colleagues. Their knowledge & understanding is the highest in the field. They are making a big difference to the boys that improve every year. They have great respect from the boys & staff & as a result of excellent work, they are regularly invited to travel on the pre-season tour with the senior rugby squad during summer.”


Bobby Thatcher | Director of Rowing – St Paul’s School | Ex-international rower

“ESP have overseen & developed the S&C for the rowing this season. This has involved the periodisation of the sessions to develop the rowers from the winter season (endurance/hypertrophy) to the regatta season (strength/power). They have also implemented the type of exercises to maximise the effectiveness of the rowing stroke, but also to minimise the possibility of injury. The key change for me this year is that they have restructured the sessions so that it’s an effective use of training time, the management of large groups & all areas are covered (key exercises, core & stretching). The support from them has meant this year has seen reduced injuries but also an increase in effective strength & power; the average ergo times of the senior squad this year has been the best we have had but also the depth of performance has increased massively.’


Luke Warriner | Head of Football – St Paul’s School

“This year, when planning the football provision, I approached ESP about developing an S&C provision for football, with the aim of educating & enthusing our footballers about the importance of fitness, strength & injury prevention. I had several productive meetings with them & expected an excellent plan but knew their commitment to other sports may limit involvement. However, from midway through the Autumn term they, unprompted, took on additional hours & built time into their schedule to support football. In the Autumn they led pre-season fitness sessions, which had an impressive average attendance of more than 25 boys. In the Spring they personally ran gym recovery & power sessions for 5th form – 8th form, 4 days a week (5 sessions). The survey feedback on these has been uniformly positive & pupils are enthusiastic about the more serious approach. The sessions were challenging but varied, ESP has a knack for making hard work fun. The attendance & uptake was better with younger age groups, highlighting the importance of educating pupils in good habits early on; I am certain that pupils will commit to his provision even more next year, as S&C becomes embedded in the sporting culture of the school. They were also hugely supportive of elite football, sacrificing Saturdays in-season, to prepare the 1st XI & lower age teams pre-match with engaging sessions. They often stayed on to watch the games, offering helpful insight. I cannot exaggerate how important ESP’s work was behind the scenes in making the football season a success, it is no coincidence that this season we achieved our highest ever average league position across all year groups.”


Andy Maguire | Head of Athletics – St Paul’s School

“ESP are very personable & very easy to get on with. They are extremely professional in everything they do within the Athletics Club & have brought in some brilliant, fresh & very up to date training methods. They are enthusiastic, versatile & always willing to help out in coaching all the age groups. They are reliable & have made themselves available for the major athletics meetings & I was very grateful to have such expertise & experience on the Pre-Season Training Camps to Portugal. They are very thorough & meticulous, particularly when it comes to preparing the boys. As Head of Athletics, I really value having their experience on the coaching staff.”



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