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Holding Nerve

Profiling | Work capacity | Squat | Progressions

Summer sausage salad

I Only Lie When I Love You - Royal Blood



Ripple Effect

Profiling | Movement screening | Shoulder| Progressions

Roasted harissa cauliflower steaks

Learn To Loose (feat. Alex Clare) - Alle Farben Remix



Catch Up

Profiling | Movement screening | Pull | Progressions

BBQ leftover salad

Sweet Disposition (Bootleg) - The Temper Trap, Youngr



Humidity Durability

Profiling | Movement screening | Push | Progressions

Courgette enchiladas

Somebody Told Me (King Unique Radio Edit) - The Killers, King Unique



Maximise Concentration

Profiling | Movement screening | Hamstrings | Progression

Goats cheese stuffed peppers

Be Someone - CamelPhat, Jake Bugg



Hay-Fever Survival

Profiling | Movement screening | Hip | Progressions

Hot & spicy prawn vegetable stir fry

Come Together - Urbandawn, Tyson Kelly



Travel Regularly

Profiling | Movement screening | Ankle | Progressions

Steak summer salad

Don’t Let Me Down (Illenium Remix) - The Chainsmokers, Day, Illenium



Rule Necessity

Profiling | Movement screening | Lunge | Progressions

Chicken & wholewheat pasta vegetable salad

One (Belle De Jour Remix) - Svenja Leopold, Ocean Avenue, Belle De Jour



Understanding Understanding

Profiling | Movement screening | Single leg | Progressions

Paneer stuffed pancakes w. ground turkey

Too Late - Major Look



Head Injury

Profiling | Movement screening | Hip hinge | Progressions

Spring green frittata

Blame it on my youth - Blink 182