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Allow us to introduce ourselves, we our Extreme Sports Performance, providing support, coaching & education for game changers.

After spending all of our lives playing, competing & coaching school, county, national & international sport, we have followed a continued pathway & profession in elite sport, exercise & health.

We believe that there are many talented & aspiring athletes, of all ages in all sports, that do not have the appropriate guidance or receive the appropriate advice to help them move forward & excel but also understand why & how they can get better.

Simple to advanced sport & exercise science, in combination with appropriate medical support, makes the difference that people need to help them succeed & improve their performance in sport.

Our On-Line Elite Solutions consists of 3 major key aspects of performance…

  • Advanced Profiling Assessment
    • Performance wheel
    • Movement screening
    • Work capacity assessment
    • Fitness testing
  • On-line Gold Standard Program
    • Individualised training program accessed via private user account
      • 1 calendar month in duration
      • Instantly downloadable
      • Session recording template
      • Linked to exercise technique videos
    • Anytime coaching support using portal messenger, email or WhatsApp
  • On-Line Coaching Sessions
    • Private & interactive video calls individually scheduled with an elite coach
    • Monitor & review past program progress
    • Perform & periodise present program
    • Adapt & change future program
  • On-Line Nutrition Advanced Assessment 
    • D.I.Y body fat estimate
      • Using soft tape measurements combined with calculations based on height & weight
    • Dietary analysis
      • Objective review of everything you eat & drink over 7 days
    • Goal setting
      • Recommendations to help get you closer to where you wan to be using the SMARTER principle
    • Guidelines & recipes
      • Comprehensive overview of when to eat, when to have & how to cook nutritious & delicious meals to suit a healthy & active lifestyle.
  • On-Line Diet & hydration Strategy
    • Goal specific personalised diet plan, 1 calendar month in duration.
    • Goal specific personalised hydration plan, 1 calendar month in duration.

…to ensure YOU train the right thing, at the right time, in the right way! 

Consisting of 3 different tiers to guide YOU through a safe & effective progressions why optimising challenge & improvement.

You choose which best suits YOUR needs!

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