• Professional strength and conditioning
    • Training programs combined with coaching that will develop physical attributes, enhance movement mechanics, reduce likelihood of injury and improve over all sports performance.


  • Olympic weightlifting technique
    • Expert guidance to improve snatch, clean, jerk and increase individual/total loads.


  • Powerlifting development
    • Expert guidance to improve squat, bench press, deadlift and increase individual/total loads.


  • Sport specific enhancement
    • Generic or individualised programs for any sport, specialising in all extreme sports.


  • Movement screening, physical competency assessment and fitness testing
    • Tool to identify weaknesses and asymmetries of mobility and flexibility.
    • Assessment process that categorises quality and control of specific movement patterns.
    • Data collection of individual or combined physical qualities that include work capacity, strength, speed, power and endurance.


  • Kinanthropometric profiling
    • Advanced scientific measurement of body composition that can
      • Accurately categorise specific somatotypes.
      • Identify physique related factors directly applied to sports performance.


  • Mobile gym and coaching
    • We can bring a gym to you and setup at various locations throughout the UK.


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