Sports Massage | 120 Minutes


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This will provide you with 120 minutes of in-person access to one of our elite coaches.

Provides a hands on tool that can treat sore areas of the body caused by sports, training or a busy lifestyle, benefits include:

  • Speeds up recovery of the body
  • Controls pain in certain areas
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Improves tissue health
  • Increases range of movement around joints
  • Enhance quality of posture
  • Stimulates relaxation.

Used in conjunction with our in-person coaching.

Availability must be confirmed before purchase by emailing us or visiting our contact page.


Important to note:

The standard price is subject to location of our choice. An additional charge will be incurred if we are required to travel away from one of our locations.

All payments must be made prior to session commencing.

Dates and timelines must be agreed in advance.

Requires a minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice or will be charged for.