Healthy Eating Recipes | Edition #1


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Edition #1 of over 50 varied, nutritious & delicious meals to suit a healthy, active & sporty lifestyle.

In a simple downloadable format you can access on your phone, tablet or print out to put in the kitchen!


  • Baked white fish w. sweet potato & charred asparagus (s)
  • Chickpea, kale, carrot. yellow pepper, apple, avocado & quinoa salad topped with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon & black pepper dressing (v)
  • Grilled paprika chicken with sweetcorn, cherry tomato, red onion & patron pepper salad topped with olive oil, lime, honey & balsamic dressing (m)
  • Turkey laska with chilli egg noodles, red pepper, cucumber & lime (m)
  • Grilled white fish tacos with soft lettuce wraps, peppered corn, roasted peppers, red chili & quark coated cabbage slaw (s)
  • Greek salad w. chickpeas, turkey & grilled mushrooms (m)
  • Cajun chicken w. mixed vegetable quinoa & roasted new potatoes (m)
  • White fish with vegetable quinoa & bok choy (s)
  • Green lentils with roasted chickpeas, shaved carrot, cabbage slow, grilled haloumi & charred padron peppers (v)
  • Jerk chicken pieces w. carrots, beets & cauliflower
  • Grilled white fish tacos with soft lettuce wraps, peppered corn, roasted peppers, red chili & quark coated cabbage slaw (s)
  • Harissa cod & vegetable cous cous (s)
  • Pesto gnocchi w. grilled chicken & mediterranean vegetables (m)
  • Peri peri chicken pieces w. garlic & chilli grilled vegetables (m)
  • Grilled herby chicken breast w. mustard & chilli vegetables (m)
  • Southwestern bowl (m)
  • Turkey & spring green salad (m)
  • Kitchen sink salad w. white fish (s)
  • Spicy kale, cauliflower, chickpea & butternut squash salad w. vegetarian sausages (v)
  • Mexican fiesta bowl (s)
  • Roast vegetable salad w. grilled halloumi (v)
  • Grilled baby gem salad w. prawns (f)
  • Summer salad w. spicy baked tofu (v)
  • Prawn & lemongrass fishcake w. white cabbage, carrot & radish salad (s)
  • Tomato & spinach boodles w. garlic & lemon prawns (s)
  • Veggie sushi bowl (v)
  • Grilled chicken w. mixed salad & portobello mushroom (m)
  • Mushroom carnitas w. mexican potatoes (v)
  • Quorn lettuce wraps (v)
  • Organic pork & apple sausages, cauliflower & potato mash w. peas & onion gravy (m)
  • Watermelon, cucumber, celery & feta salad (v)
  • Guilt free chicken fajitas (m)
  • Veggie curry (v)
  • Thai green chicken curry (m)
  • Tofu bibimbap bowl (v)
  • Kale & spiced chicken salad (m)
  • Shakshuka (v)
  • Lean pork stir fry (m)
  • Curried broccoli chickpea salad w. chicken (m)
  • Steak, garlic spinach, balsamic mushrooms & sweet potato chunks (m)
  • Baked tofu w. veggie lo mein (v)
  • Bulgar wheat roast vegetable salad w. grilled chicken (s)
  • Sweet potato w. charred corn, black beans & BBQ quorn slices (v)
  • Primavera tortellini w. grilled chicken (m)
  • Healthy chicken caesar salad (m)
  • Vegan ramen w. crispy miso tofu (v)
  • Faldo verde soup w. sausage (m)
  • Turkey chilli w. baked potato (m)
  • Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon on toasted sour dough (s)