Healthy Eating Recipes | Edition #2


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Edition #2 of over 50 varied, nutritious & delicious meals to suit a healthy, active & sporty lifestyle.

In a simple downloadable format you can access on your phone, tablet or print out to put in the kitchen!


  • Bubble & squeak rounds (v)
  • Carrot & ginger soup (v)
  • Winter kale salad w. lemon pesto dressing (v)
  • Broccoli & leek soup (v)
  • Sticky citrus tofu bowl (v)
  • Chilli garlic pork chops w. Asian veg (m)
  • Vegetable packed pasta primavera w. chilli shrimp (s)
  • Roasted cauliflower salad w. white fish (s)
  • Burrito stuffed peppers w. spicy slaw & homemade tortilla chips (m)
  • Sesame vegetarian “beef” with miso noodles (v)
  • Roast cauliflower & barely mediterranean salad w. pulled chicken (m)
  • Tomato tortellini soup (v)
  • Slow cooker saag paneer w. tandoori chicken (m)
  • Roasted vegetable mexican casserole (v)
  • Wholewheat banana bread (v)
  • Pan fried cod w. wilted spring vegetables (s)
  • Butternut squash soup (v)
  • Spinach & lemon risotto w. spiced chicken (m)
  • Spicy wholewheat penne w. flaked cod (s)
  • Spring green frittata (v)
  • Paneer stuffed pancakes w. ground turkey (m)
  • Chicken & wholewheat pasta vegetable salad (m)
  • Steak summer salad (m)
  • Hot & spicy prawn vegetable stir fry (s)
  • Goat’s cheese stuffed peppers (v)
  • Courgette enchiladas (v)
  • BBQ leftover salad (m)
  • Roasted harissa cauliflower steaks (v)
  • Summer sausage salad (m)
  • Steak w. raw spinach, cherry tomato & green pepper salad (m)
  • Moroccan turkey stuffed peppers (m)
  • Pork loins w. mixed pepper salad (m)
  • Minced turkey tacoless salad (m)
  • Venice inspired capricciosa pizza (m)
  • Smashed avocado on rye w. cherry tomatoes & scrambled egg (v)
  • Full fat yoghurt w. banana, cinnamon & honey (v)
  • Southwestern breakfast cups (m)
  • Portuguese chicken w. pitta, corn & peas (m)
  • Minted lamb shoulder w. carrot & pepper salad (m)
  • Mexican beef casserole (m)
  • Full fat yoghurt w. mixed summer berries (v)
  • Californian burrito (m)
  • Spiced white fish w. californian vegetables (s)
  • Balsamic tuna w. leafy grains (s)
  • Wrapless white fish fajitas (s)
  • Vegetable thai green curry (v)
  • Vegetarian chorizo & borcolli pasta (v)
  • Veggie sheppard’s pie (v)
  • Tofu, broccoli, carrot & hoisin stir fry (v)
  • Cajun fish, peppers & rice (s)
  • Vegetarian sausage & tomato omelette (v)
  • Smoked salmon & cream cheese toasted wholewheat muffin (s)
  • Turkey steak patties w. spicy scrambled egg (m)