Advanced Assessment



This will provide you with 1 hour of on-line access to one of our elite coaches via video chat.

Highly recommended for people who want to take their training and performance to the next level.

Similar to our in-person assessment that comprises of the following combined components using step by step instruction, photo and video…

  • D.I.Y body fat estimate
    • Using soft tape measurements combined with calculations based on weight and height 
  • Dietary analysis
    • Objective review of everything you eat and drink over 7 days
  • Goal setting
    • Recommendations to help get you closer to where you wan to be using the SMARTER principle 
  • Guidelines & recipes
    • Comprehensive overview of when to eat, when to have and how to cook nutritious & delicious meals to suit a healthy & active lifestyle.

…the data from all of these is put into an individualised report that details the competency in all 4 areas and is then used to aid the design of an individual training program.

Used in conjunction with our on-line advanced consultation assessment.

Availability must be confirmed before purchase by emailing us or visiting our contact page.


Important to note:

All payments must be made in full prior to receiving report.

Dates and timelines must be agreed in advance.