• Injury reduction
    • Following on from our movement screening, physical competency assessment and fitness testing services, unique programs can be created that reduce the likelihood of new injuries occurring and old injuries resurfacing.


  • Rehabilitation support
    • Recovering from an injury can be hard, confusing and take time. Combined performance and injury reduction services will return people back to new and often fitter than before.


  • Corrective exercise
    • Key movements series that can help manage all injuries and areas of pain, reducing discomfort.


  • Mobile sports massage
    • We can bring our massage table to you that can be setup at various locations throughout the UK providing a hands on tool that can treat sore areas of the body caused by sports, training or a busy lifestyle. It can:
      • Speed up recovery of the body.
      • Control pain in certain areas.
      • Reduce muscle tension.
      • Improve tissue health.
      • Increase range of movement around joints.
      • Enhance quality of posture.
      • Stimulate relaxation.


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